Staying Power: 2014’s 100 Hottest Posts From 2012

Oh, hey, 2012 was apparently a very good year for naked famous dudes. Our Celebrity Skin series accounts for thirteen of the one-hundred items on our Best of Manhunt Daily round-up of 2014’s hottest posts that were originally published in 2012. When you throw in this True Blood recap, the Naked Issue from Gay Times, Andrew Lincoln‘s cock and this incredible collection of (fake) Hollywood facials, that brings the numbers up even more.

(See our list for 2011 here.)

Although, when you’re able to get past all the Mark Ruffalo and Michael Fassbender nonsense, you’ll be greeted by familiar faces like Paddy O’Brian and Quinn Jaxon. It might come as a surprise that they’re joined toward the top of this #ThrowbackThursday countdown by such divisive gay porn personalities as Cody Cummings and Chris Crocker… Or maybe that won’t surprise you, if you’ve studied any of our previous lists.

As I scrambled to put this together, the best and most torturous aspect was the constant reminder of performers who are no longer active in the industry—Vinny Castillo, Kodi, Benny GGirth Brooks, Davis, Joe Parker, Ethan Ever and, of course, the Peters Twins. One can only hope that the year ahead will bring a comeback from one (or all) of these models.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cody Cummings

Take a look at 2014’s best posts from 2012 below:


100 – 91:

Benny G and Rafael Alencar for gay porn site On The Hunt

100. It Happened On Manhunt: My First Double Penetration
99. Celebrity Skin: Jean Dujardin
98. Antonio Biaggi, Nick Moretti, Luca Bondi & Andderrick Hanson’s Bareback Gangbang With Patrick O’Connor
97. Thank Cock It’s Friday: Paul Wagner’s Tickle Fight
96. Twink Tank: Kodi Gets Fucked (Yet Again)
95. This Bottom Looks Uncomfortable & I Am Inappropriately Aroused By The Distressed Expression On His Face.
94. On The Hunt: Rafael Alencar & Benny G
93. Thank Cock It’s Friday: Marcus Ruhl & Andrew Justice
92. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Beer & Football
91. Quickie: Seth Fornea


90 – 81:

Brad Kalvo and Doug Acre

90. 10 Hot Guys With Tattoos
89. Twink Tank: Damien Day
88. Twink Tank: Evan Stone & Brock Landon
87. You Have A Crush On Ian Parks.
86. The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Josh West’s Hand Shoved Up Your Thoroughly-Lubricated Butt.
85. It Happened On Manhunt: Spanked At A Rich Dude’s House
84. Johnny Rapid: 16 Incredible Facial Expressions By An Early Nominee For 2012’s Hottest Cock Slut
83. True Passion Can’t Be Faked
82. Everything Butt: Davis
81. Everything Butt: Pavel Petel


80 – 71:

Colby Keller facial

80. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Vinny Castillo’s First M4M Scene (And That Lucky Slut Johnny Torque)
79. Colby Keller Flip-Fucked With Jaxton Wheeler!!!!
78. Should I Care About Straight Porn Star Rocco Reed’s First Gay Scene? Should You? Should Everyone?
77. Fuck Vs. Fuck: Steven Prior’s Big Dick Showdown
76. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Bottoms Of Man Royale
75. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: James Jamesson
74. Everything Butt: Todd Sanfield
73. Celebrity Skin: Jason Biggs
72. Everything Butt: Paddy O’Brian
71. Manhunt Daily Wood: Bo Roberts


70 – 61:

Brock Cooper

70. Paul Wagner & Chris Bines: Have I Gone To Heaven?
69. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Brock Cooper
68. Eddy Adams Has A 9 x 8 Inch Dick.
67. 30 Amazing Pics Of Cole From Fratmen Sucks
66. The Naked True Blood Recap
65. Marc Jacobs Is Riding This Guy’s Dick
64. When I Grow Up, I Want To Be (Inside) Allen Silver!
63. Dewitt’s Weekend Of Big Cocks: David Ken’s 10-Inch Meat
62. The Amateur Hour: Gloryhole Cocksucker
61. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Beautiful Boys Of Bel Ami


60 – 51:

Sean Lawrence

60. Everything Butt: Benny G
59. Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi!!!!!!!!
58. Bi The Way: Vinny Castillo & Cassandra Cruz
57. Have You Ever: Used An Ass Tunnel Plug?
56. The “Real Man” Project: Jed Athens
55. The Naked Issue: Austin Armacost, Freddie Hogan, Greg Lake, Lucien Laviscount & Mark Henderson
54. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Sean Lawrence
53. Marc Dylan Manages To Make Oral Sex Interesting
52. Flashback Friday: Tom Chase & Erik Korngold
51. Fuck Vs. Fuck: Recipients Of Tim Kruger’s Huge Dick


50 – 41:

Daniel for Sean Cody

50. Hot Or Not: Going Gray
49. Woof Alert: Brad Kalvo & Jake Cruise
48. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Paddy O’Brian (III)
47. Pole Vaulter Andrew Zollner Shows Us His… You Know Where We’re Going With This
46. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Ethan Ever
45. Thank Cock It’s Friday: The 7-Man Orgy
44. This Trailer Made Me Cum.
43. Celebrity Skin: Chris O’Dowd’s Cock
42. Corbin Fisher’s Tanner Loses His Ass Virginity!
41. Thank Cock It’s Friday: 6 Loads, 3 Men, 1 Scene


40 – 31:

Click here to see The Mindy Project's Chris Messina naked in the film 28 Hotel Rooms.

40. Who Would You Rather?: Chris Pratt Edition
39. EXCLUSIVE: Lukas Ridgeston Will Return To Bel Ami
38. David Chase Is A Daddy.
37. Dolph Lambert & Roger Lambert: No Relation?
36. FOR YOU: Straight Porn Star Rocco Reed Bottoms
35. Thank Cock It’s Friday: Colby Keller & Dale Cooper Breathe Life Into My Janitor’s Closet Sex Dreams
34. Celebrity Skin: Gerard Butler
33. Celebrity Skin: Chris Messina’s Penis
32. Celebrity Skin: Scott Caan
31. Scandal In The Vatican: 6 Mouths, 1 Gigantic Dick


30 – 21:

Johnny Rapid

30. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You Exclusively By Johnny Rapid Getting Gangbanged In A Locker Room
29. Twink Tank: The Peters Twins
28. Woof Alert: Tony The Italian Pizza Guy
27. Gay Porn Incest: Is It Weirder When They’re Not Twins?
26. Let’s Watch Stany Falcone Get Fucked, Okay?
25. The Consequences Of Having A Small Dick: You Get Gangbanged Bareback By Five Horny Frat Boys
24. Celebrity Skin: Matt Bomer
23. Merry Christmas!!! Here’s Johnny Rapid Getting Fucked In A Shower Again…
22. 16 Things I Love About Girth Brooks
21. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Jack Hall


20 – 11:

Adam Killian

20. Woof Alert: Bo Dixon & Ty LeBeouf
19. Celebrity Skin: Michael Fassbender
18. The Legend Of Johnny Rapid & The Enchanted Man-Taint
17. Let’s All Look At Andrew Lincoln’s Cock!
16. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Lucio Saints
15. Celebrity Skin: Patrick Warburton’s Dick
14. Vinny Castillo: 2012’s Most Boner-Worthy Straight Guy
13. Everything Butt: Adam Killian
12. Celebrity Skin: Joe Manganiello’s Butt, Along With His Mysteriously Absent, Blurry Penis
11. Quickie: Quinn Christopher Jaxon



X Men Gay Porn Fan Fiction Erotic Comic Orgy

We wrote: “Here’s something that’ll satisfy both the comic book geeks and the gay porn lovers! Erotic artist Iceman Blue takes your favorite superheroes and puts them in some incredibly kinky situations. The strip featured here shows X-Men members Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman, Northstar, Gambit, Havoc, Angel and Colossus getting anally violated by the Danger Room, until Emma Frost urges them all to ‘give into the pleasure of their flesh’.”



Click here to see Jean Dujardin naked

We wrote: “Today I learned about a movie where Jean Dujardin gets fucked up the ass. Shortly after filming The Artist, the oh-so-dreamy Academy Award winner appeared in Les infidèles, a French comedy that caused quite a controversy (and buzz) with its racy posters.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Where the fuck has Jean Dujardin been this past year? My dick needs to know.



Ryan Gosling gay facial cum shot

We wrote: Last night, I accidentally discovered Fakecials, a Tumblr devoted to male celebrities with cumshots photoshopped onto their faces. You might not be surprised to discover that it’s my new obsession, especially since the site creator’s taste overlaps with mine to an alarming degree (though he’s yet to tackle Mark Ruffalo).”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this original post, Fakecials has covered celebs like Chris Pratt, Jon Hamm, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper and Adam Levine. My weird request for Luka Jones was accepted, and the man behind the project showed some love for Daddy Mayonnaise‘s utterly incredible Nick Offerman fan-fiction.



Jizz Orgy

We wrote: “It shouldn’t surprise you that I’m a huge fan of MEN.COM‘s new site Jizz Orgy. While I might never get a site exclusively devoted to jiggling man butts, I can now go to one place to watch a bunch of hot dudes getting dominated and treated like complete cum whores! This is a wet dream come true!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Haha, remember when homophobic nutjob Spencer Fox was still a thing? Remember when seeing Johnny Rapid in an orgy still felt the slightest bit like a novelty? Remember simpler times before Christopher Daniels and pretty much everyone in existence went bareback? Remember that the Rosso Twins existed?



Click here to see Daniel Craig's penis.

We wrote: “Nope, you didn’t read that wrong! You’re about to see James Bonds‘ cock. Back in 2000, actor Daniel Craig did a nude scene for the film Some Voices, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that you see everything. Front and back. Dick and ass. The whole shebang.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: He should really consider doing more full-frontal nudity. With a boner.



Cody Cummings bottoms for Joey Hard in a simulated gay sex scene

We wrote: “‘I apologize to my fans for waiting so long to make this announcement,’ Cody Cummings said in an exclusive press release from Next Door Studios. ‘You’ve all been so patient watching me expand my horizons and explore my sexuality onscreen, and while I’ve been hesitating to say this so long – because of all the haters – I feel the need to be honest with you. I am a proud, gay American.'”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This press release was obviously as real as every “bottoming” scene Cody released.



Chris Crocker in his bareback gay porn debut for Maverick Men

We wrote: “You’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the goddamn mermaids, and now you’re about to see internet personality Chris Crocker in his official gay porn debut! The scene just went live on the Maverick Men‘s site a few hours ago. After examining it thoroughly, I stand by my statement that Crocker’s butthole will ‘go down in history as the most beautiful butthole in the history of buttholes’.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The trailer for this scene technically came in seventh on this list. Earlier this year, Chris and his ex-boyfriend Justin reunited in a one-on-one bareback scene for Unmentionable Entertainment. He later lashed out on me on Twitter when he thought my use of quotation marks implied he’s too feminine to be a “dominant top”. #GurlBye



Paddy O'Brian in a 2012 solo for UK Naked Men

We wrote: “Whether he’s going by the name of Paddy O’Brian or Patrick O’Brien, the man above took top honors as The Best Dick of 2011 and (one of) The Sexiest Men of 2011. Needless to say, you like him! You can say that you don’t like him, but we’re not going to believe you for one second. We have the damn numbers! It’s safe to say that the majority of you would marry this handsome fucker and carry his babies to term (if you could).”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Paddy got gangbanged twice this year.



Click here to see Mark Ruffalo naked in a scene from In The Cut

We wrote: “Nine years ago, Mr. Bruce Banner himself stripped all the way down in the 2003 film In The Cut. That’s right, folks! The most attractive man in the universe, commonly known as Mark Ruffalo, showed off his dick (and butt) on the big screen.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can see some shots from Ruffalo’s big 2014 nude scene here. With the help of his costar Matt Bomer, he placed third on this year’s list of the Best Naked Male Celebs, but he will forever be number one in my heart. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he takes off his clothes some more in 2015!



Cody Cummings

We wrote: “You can say whatever you want about gay-for-pay(ish) porn star Cody Cummings. At the end of the day, eighty percent of us are silently masturbating to his pics in the dark and (maybe) hating ourselves, while the rest of the world complains about his alleged homophobia, love of vagina, cock-teasing ways, etc.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: After retiring from the industry, Cody resurfaced in solos released in May and June. His site has apparently relaunched in full form, including an oral scene with Tyler Morgan (also known as, this year’s Twink of The Year).



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  1. Sean Lawrence! *sigh*

    Cody Cummings! Please don’t find some lame arse excuse to post him, okay? Just, no!

  2. Cody Cummings’ moustache looks like a hairlip.

    I’ve gotten off watching him before, but if there was one way to cement yourself as porn’s biggest douchebag, it’s to add a rubbish moustache.

  3. Aww, thanks! I wish someone would reward me for my efforts with Vinny Castillo’s dick up my butt. Or just Vinny Castillo’s dick, period.

  4. I’m really curious…..why are you posting about….posts….that happened two years ago? I don’t see the angle..

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