The BOTTOM Manhunt Daily Posts from 2015

Because you can’t know how good the tops are, if you don’t have any bottoms.

Yesterday we featured the top most viewed posts of all 2015.  Most of it was Dewitt’s work and some of it was unsurprising. But a lot of it was suuuuuper surprising! Especially the most viewed post! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s all going to affect the roads we go down in 2016, so let’s flip the coin and look at the least popular posts of the year now:

















Now! This one is a little trickier in terms of ‘what did we learn?‘ Here’s my assessment:

Nobody here wants to hear about news form a gay porn site. Got it. You also don’t care that much that studios are offering discounted membership. Got it (I’ll probably still tell you about it, but I’ll try and surround that information with a lot of videos and gifs of ejaculating dicks, so everybody has something to enjoy, even if you’re not gonna buy a membership). Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent through-line on what y’all hate. So I’m hoping a couple of you are gonna jump in the comments and name some names, re: what you don’t wanna see here.

Otherwise, 2016: Less news, no old music videos, and no Kim Davis. It’s gonna be a good year!


– tyler






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