Staying Power: 2013’s Best Posts From Before 2013

After the big-ass ball drops tonight, these jizz-soaked pages will cease feeling like an endless clip show thanks to our ongoing series of Best of Manhunt Daily posts. Right now, though? I’m going to make a pointless list full of popular posts we wrote between 2010-2012! Overall, there seems to be a remarkable dissonance between the people you all claim to despise and the people who got you stroking. (You’ll see what I mean once you get to the top ten.)

(See last year’s list here.)

Predictably, our Celebrity Skin series makes up for half of the top twenty, with Mark Ruffalo and Daniel Craig‘s dicks, in particular, getting major attention due to traffic from high-profile mainstream sites BuzzFeed and The Village Voice. Beyond that, the bottom eighty gets a little more scattered and hard to pin down, but chances are, you’ll find something you like within this mess.

– Dewitt

Take a look at 2013’s best posts from before 2013 below:


100 – 91:

Benjamin Godfre for gay porn site Falcon Studios

100. Eddy Adams Has A 9×8 Inch Dick.
99. When I Grow Up, I Want To Be (Inside) Allen Silver!
98. Have You Ever: Used An Ass Tunnel Plug?
97. Celebrity Skin: Ian Somerhalder
96. Woof Alert: Dodger Wolf
95. Where Are The World’s Biggest Penises?
94. Flashback Friday: Steve Kelso
93. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Bottoms of Man Royale
92. Hot or Not: Going Gray
91. Benjamin Godfre (Finally) Does Gay Porn!


90 – 81:

Maverick Men

90. Quickie: Nate McGarrity
89. The Maverick Men Take Wade’s Hairy Virgin Hole
88. Everything Butt: Benny G
87. Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi, Kodi!!!!!!!!
86. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Vinny Castillo’s First M4M Scene (And That Lucky Slut Johnny Torque)
85. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Maverick Men’s Bottom Boys
84. Twink Tank: Ashley Ryder & Steven Prior
83. Third Hottest Member of The Wanted Is Spotted Waving His Dick Around On The Internet
82. The Cock Buffet: New Gay Porn With Ben Brown, Tom Wolfe, Dean Monroe & Jessie Colter!
81. 39 Amazing Pics of Cole From Fratmen Sucks


80 – 71:

Justice Joslin

80. Twink Tank: Chase Young & Sencer Keve
79. Quickie: Justice Joslin
78. What Would You Do?: Kevin Warhol
77. The Cock Buffet: Cody Cummings FINALLY Gets Fucked!
76. This Is The Weirdest Porno We’ve Ever Seen.
75. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You Exclusively By Johnny Rapid Getting Gangbanged In A Locker Room
74. Thank Cock It’s Friday: Colby Keller & Dale Cooper Breathe Life Into My Janitor’s Closet Sex Dreams
73. Flashback Friday: Tom Chase & Erik Korngold
72. Watch The Trailer For Paddy O’Brian’s Fucking My Arse!
71. Fuck Vs. Fuck: Recipients of Tim Kruger’s Huge Dick


70 – 61:

Samuel O'Toole

70. Johnny Rapid’s Getting Fucked In Jail Again
69. Bi The Way: Samuel O’Toole
68. Celebrity Skin: Mike Edward
67. Bi The Way: Ashley Dominates Cain & Dawson
66. Have You Ever: Shot A Load Into Your Own Mouth?
65. The Naked Issue: Austin Armacost, Freddie Hogan, Greg Lake, Lucien Laviscount & Mark Henderson
64. Corbin Fisher’s Tanner Loses His Ass Virginity!
63. The Artist Formerly Known As Tag Eriksson
62. Twink Tank: Johnny Rapid
61. Celebrity Skin: Cam Gigandet


60 – 51:

low hangers

60. Twink Tank: Joey Hard & The House Bangers
59. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Beautiful Boys of Bel Ami
58. Hot or Not: Low Hangers
57. The Cock Buffet: New Gay Porn With Patrick O’Brien, Johnny Hazzard, Leo Forte, Arpad Miklos & More!
56. The Consequences of Having A Small Dick: You Get Gangbanged Bareback By Five Horny Frat Boys
55. David Chase Is A Daddy.
54. Everything Butt: Adam Killian
53. Five Reasons “Fraternity X” Is Fucking Awesome
52. Drawn To You: Kamui Jack
51. Was Taylor Lautner In A Gay Porn Foursome?


50 – 41:

Bo Dixon gay porn star

50. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Sean Xavier
49. Fake Gay Porn Incest: So Wrong or So Right?
48. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Paddy O’Brian
47. Scandal In The Vatican: 6 Mouths, 1 Gigantic Dick
46. Everything Butt: Kurt Madison
45. Did Cody Cummings Just Lose His Ass Virginity?
44. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Lucio Saints
43. Everything Butt: Nick Sterling
42. Woof Alert: Bo Dixon & Ty LeBeouf
41. Is Gay Porn Taking Cues From Ashton Kutcher?


40 – 31:

Rocco Reed

40. The Legend of Johnny Rapid & The Enchanted Man-Taint
39. Celebrity Skin: Chris O’Dowd’s Cock
38. Twink Tank: The Peters Twins
37. Merry Christmas!!! Here’s Johnny Rapid Getting Anally Violated In A Prison Shower Again…
36. Dolph Lambert + Roger Lambert: No Relation?
35. The Secret Behind Rafael Alencar’s Huge Ass
34. Drawn To You: Just Cartoon Dicks
33. Fuck Vs. Fuck: Guys Who Fucked Paul Wagner
32. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Jack Hall
31. Bravo Delta Fucked A Dude On Cocky Boys (And This Scene Is Already The Best Part of My Week)


30 – 21:

Tristan Sterling

30. Celebrity Skin: Craig Parker
29. Gay Porn Incest: Is It Weirder When They’re Not Twins?
28. Twink Tank: Tristan Sterling (Again)
27. Let’s All Look At Andrew Lincoln’s Cock!
26. Quickie: Quinn Christopher Jaxon
25. Celebrity Skin: Tom Hardy
24. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Jizz Orgy Gangbang Edition
23. FOR YOU: Straight Porn Star Rocco Reed Bottoms
22. Celebrity Skin: Patrick Warburton’s Dick
21. Celebrity Skin: Matt Bomer’s Butt


20 – 11:

Ryan Gosling cum shot

20. Celebrity Skin: Jason Biggs
19. Bi The Way: Cody Cummings Takes It Up The Butt
18. Celebrity Skin: Chris Messina’s Penis
17. Manhunt Daily Wood: Benjamin Godfre
16. Celebrity Skin: Mark Ruffalo
15. Celebrity Skin: Michael Fassbender
14. Celebrity Skin: Scott Caan
13. 17 Things I Love About Girth Brooks
12. 20 Amazing Pictures of Male Celebrity Facials
11. Celebrity Skin: Jean Dujardin’s Gay Sex Scene



Click to see Gerard Butler naked

We wrote: “Today I learned Gerard Butler is no Michael Fassbender, and I’m okay with that. The Scottish actor briefly flashed dick in his 1997 film debut Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown, as he ran into the water with his costar Billy Connolly. Fun fact! The water was freezing cold when they filmed this scene, and Gerard developed hypothermia shortly after.”



Joe Manganiello naked

We wrote: “Did anyone else laugh out loud during Joe Manganiello‘s werewolf sex scene on last night’s episode of True Blood? Don’t get me wrong! The scene put the ‘sex’ in sex scene. I was sitting on my couch with a raging erection watching JoMang (don’t judge me for that abbreviation) show off his muscular buns as he fucked the bajeezus out of that chick from his pack… Then, when he threw her across the room? Aside from snorting so hard that my neighbors could hear, I practically jumped out of my seat in excitement. ‘Holy balls! Holy balls!” I said to myself. “They might have just shown Joe Manganiello’s PENIS on TV!!!’




We wrote: “After eight years offscreen, legendary performer Lukas Ridgeston will be returning to Bel Ami to celebrate the [twentieth anniversary of the site]. There’s no word as to who his scene partner will be or what the scene will be involve (threesomes? twins?), but it’s guaranteed to be one of the most highly anticipated gay porn events of 2013.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This happened!



Cody Cummings bottoms for Joey Hard

We wrote: “‘I apologize to my fans for waiting so long to make this announcement,’ Cody Cummings said in an exclusive press release from Next Door Studios. ‘You’ve all been so patient watching me expand my horizons and explore my sexuality onscreen, and while I’ve been hesitating to say this so long – because of all the haters – I feel the need to be honest with you. I am a proud, gay American.'”



Click to see Daniel Craig naked.

We wrote: “Whether he’s going by the name of Paddy O’Brian or Patrick O’Brien, the man above took top honors as The Best Dick of 2011 and (one of) The Sexiest Men of 2011. Needless to say, you like him! You can say that you don’t like him, but we’re not going to believe you for one second. We have the damn numbers! It’s safe to say that the majority of you would marry this handsome fucker and carry his babies to term (if you could).”



Click to see Daniel Craig naked.

We wrote: “Nope, you didn’t read that wrong! You’re about to see James Bonds‘ cock. Back in 2000, actor Daniel Craig did a nude scene for the film Some Voices, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that you see everything. Front and back. Dick and ass. The whole shebang.”



Chris Crocker porn

We wrote: “The rumors were true. Chris Crocker and his (now ex) boyfriend Justin Goble visited Boston a few weeks ago to film their highly-anticipated gay porn debut with the Maverick Men. Though we tried to keep everything on the hush at Manhunt headquarters, our dear friends at The Sword were able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure it out… Oh well! You can’t win ‘em all… OR CAN YOU?!?! After pulling a few strings, we were able to get our hands on the scene’s trailer before the official premiere on MaverickMen this Thursday.”



Chris Crocker naked in a hardcore XXX gay porn scene for Maverick Men.

We wrote: “You’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the goddamn mermaids, and now you’re about to see internet personality Chris Crocker in his official gay porn debut! The scene just went live on the Maverick Men‘s site a few hours ago. After examining it thoroughly, I stand by my statement that Crocker’s butthole will ‘go down in history as the most beautiful butthole in the history of buttholes’.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can see Crocker’s ex-boyfriend, Justin, in a brand new scene with Charlie Harding.



Cody Cummings

We wrote: “You can say whatever you want about gay-for-pay(ish) porn star Cody Cummings. At the end of the day, eighty percent of us are silently masturbating to his pics in the dark and (maybe) hating ourselves, while the rest of the world complains about his alleged homophobia, love of vagina, cock-teasing ways, etc… In fact, a decent portion of people in the latter group are also masturbating to his pics in the dark and (definitely) hating themselves. That’s just the way it goes!”



Mark Ruffalo being sexy as Bruce Banner

We wrote: “Nine years ago, Mr. Bruce Banner himself stripped all the way down in the 2003 film In The Cut. That’s right, folks! The most attractive man in the universe, commonly known as Mark Ruffalo, showed off his dick (and butt) on the big screen.”


Best of Manhunt Daily 2013


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