DW Chase’s Clothes Don’t Want To Stay On

DW Chase has a strong face. It’s like a lion’s face. He’s a little Mufasa in the face. This isn’t a bad thing. A big, strong lion face can also be a handsome face. Combine his big, strong handsome lion face with that hairy chest, sweaty sex poses and his clothes falling off, and you’re going to want to poach him.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Calvin Brockington

Check out more pics of DW Chase below:





(via Island)



4 thoughts on “DW Chase’s Clothes Don’t Want To Stay On

  1. I’ll. take 3!! Mostly because in know the first one will wear me out, but eventually, I’ll wear him out, then I can start on #2, and so on!!! DAYUM!

  2. Yeah, the description is a mess, especially since leontiasis is a real condition – and it’s not a polite way of saying he has a rugged set of facial features. He’s hot – period.

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