In Bed With Colby Keller: Status Alert

Have you ever used an escort? I haven’t. I don’t think I have. Wait, if you ply someone by buying several rounds of drinks and then you end up fucking, is that using an escort? In his last video of 2013, Colby Keller explains how to go about asking an escort’s HIV status without making things uncomfortable or insulting anyone. Because knowing each other’s status is key. Remember?

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– J. Harvey

Watch Colby’s latest sex advice video below:

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8 thoughts on “In Bed With Colby Keller: Status Alert

  1. Well, I mean, how much is colbey? I’d certainly pay $500.00 to touch him only with my tongue for an hour, but I think he’s in way bigger leagues than that (if he’s even in a league…)

  2. Why should anyone paying an escort that type of money worry about offending him by asking his status? If you expect people to pay you for sex, you shouldn’t have a problem with disclosing your status to your client.

  3. While I realize this is a delicate subject, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Doesn’t the law REQUIRE you to disclose your status to someone? And in this day and age shouldn’t the way you approach sex be to act as if every partner is positive an act accordingly — ie. use a condom? If someone posts in their ad something like anything goes or sometimes safe, isn’t that pretty much a red flag anyway? It doesn’t make any person less desirable, much less an escort… but you take precautions.

  4. The legal issues surrounding this are tricky. If you make it a law requiring someone to disclose their status, then they would have greater legal protections by not getting tested at all which is clearly something not to be encouraged. I think as it stands now, lying about one’s status is the punishable offense. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Colby Keller said in this vídeo ( and wrotte in his blog too ) that he doesn’t escort. He said he new people that did it and ” it affected their sexual life” ( more or less Colby’s words ). I remember he also said he saw two differences between porn and prostitution: The first is in porn you work with a ‘ playmate ‘ and in prostitution you work with your boss, The second is the distance that has between the sex work in a porn set and the final product used by consumers ( This distance doesn’t exist in prostitution ). I desagree on it with Colby and prefer the answer given by Matt Sizemore when asked if he thought porn was like prostitution: ” Of course it is. You aren’t there to clean windows. “

  6. I don’t ask my partners for their status b/c after they disclose they’re negative and I disclose the same if asked – they too often want to bareback. Instead, I assume my partners are poz and insist on safer sex. I’ve done this for yrs and have remained negative.

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