Solo Artist: Meet Johnny Miles

Meet Johnny Miles. His cock is about a miles long. Ok, it really isn’t but coming up with synonyms for big dicks is starting to become difficult.

Johnny has baby smooth skin and a great toned body and he should being so young and agile. He is jumping into the fray without a care in the world except to please his viewers. Johnny wants to be all he can be and he’s showing it off. His thick cock is beautiful as he strokes the meat with his hands building up his balls for a creamy release. Johnny is smooth as they come and his hard dick doesn’t disappoint. Johnny looks amazing as he plays with his hard throbbing dick in a few positions. He’s always wanted to show off and now that he is of age he wants everyone looking at his cock in envy. His balls are completely full now and his cock begins to throb and ache. He gives the word to our trusted filmer and soon after Johnny is cumming thick loads all over the place and rubbing it all over his thick cock.

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