One Of My Favorite Sean Cody Dudes Is Now Shooting For NextDoor Studios

So, when I started this gig, I msged with the Sean Cody PR dude. And I mentioned Forrest. Forrest is a big, tall Southern drink of hot with an angel face and a BIG JIGGLY ASS. His ass is so stand-out that dudes would comment on it while they were banging and eating it! Witness:

It’s like two damn wave machines back there! Even his farmer’s tan is hot! Anyway, so he said he would do what he could to hook me up with me flirting with him in hopes that he’d send me recent nudes under the guise of an “interview.” It didn’t happen. *sad face* And I hadn’t seen him on Sean Cody for a while. All hope was lost! But then I saw this clip from NextDoor Raw! It’s Forrest! Except he’s called Clark Campbell now. The ass is still sublime, tough. It’s pretty obvious equally hot blonde Chris Blades thinks so, too! Please bottom next, Forrest…I mean Clark. Click here for more!

p.s. My only complaint is that we don’t get to see Forrest…I mean Clark’s jiggly ass more. WORK ON THAT NEXTDOOR!

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