So Preeettyyyyyyy

This butt is THE butt. Gotdamn.


I haven’t talked a lot about American Muscle Hunks lately (whoa – deja vu) but they’re still going strong (puns!) over there, and they keep introducing more and more beautiful dudes into their stable. And last week they tossed in this smooth-skinned beauty, and my mouth fell open:



One word comes to mind when describing Corbin – asstastic. Corbin’s ass is out of this world and his monster cock compliments it well. As an ex-MMA fighter, Corbin keeps his fighting body ready to show off. After a hard workout and hot shower, we find Corbin horny as he dries off his ripped body. He moves quickly into fingering his beautiful, pink hole before flipping over to stroke his monster cock. Working his meat and bringing himself to the edge a few times, Corbin eventually blows a hot, creamy load all over his shredded abs.


Ok. I wanna be clear that I DO have a complaint (because I’m about to drone on and on about his fucking perfect ass and that thick fuckin dick) and that is that the Porn Name Assignment Machine was on vacation or something the week that Corbin signed up. Becuase Corbin Colby is just lazy. That’s laaaaaaaazy. How you gonna make up a made up name and be so LAZY about it! It’s a good job he’s so fucking fine because I don’t even like saying “Corbin Colby.” Blech.

But about that butt:


full_12 full_01 full_03 full_04





There’s something about this dude that has me feeling some type of ways.  I sort of don’t wanna watch him in any scene work. I sort of just want him to come over and just live in my bed forever? And not share him with anybody else? Maybe it’s his age? Dude seems mad young and maybe I’m just worried about him. But also I want to lick him a lot? Idk. It’s a complicated thing I’m working through right now.

While I think about his butt some more and whether or not I want to keep him as a sex prisoner, you should watch this extended clip that is just the camera fixated on his ass while he showers and then lays on the bed. Woof.


Corbin Colby. Corbin Colby. Blech. I’m gonna shorten that and just call him CorCo. Watch for big stuff from CorCo coming up. I’ll keep track of it and report back when it’s great. Or you can sign up here (cause it’s literally like 12 dollars per month and everything they make is gold).


Today I’m off to CockyCon and then a party for Titan. I’m gonna be so tired of seeing abs and dicks by tonight. Man. Envy me!


– tyler

2 thoughts on “So Preeettyyyyyyy

  1. I think it’s the hair that puts me off him, the first pic with his hair up is cute but with his hair down its a bit meh, sorry Tyler.

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