If Kyle Kash Doesn’t Win Hottest Bottom, I’m Storming the Stage

And the Grabby goes to…


I’m not kidding. This guy is up against some tough competition on Saturday night, but for my money, there’s nobody more deserving. Kyle Kash looks better than he’s ever looked before, always seems happy to be present in scenes, and knows how to show off his skills.

I don’t even know what Gay Creeps is, but I’d sign up for it just to watch Miles Taylor give it to Kash (while yelling “no Kyle! It’s too thick! Tell him to stop it! TELL HIM TO STOP IT!” at the screen). But Kash takes it like a pro and the highlight left out of this trailer is his glazed-eye, open mouth, “ungh – ungh – ungh” chant right before he decides he’s going to cum. Bless:




FuckingTheBellboy_GR-21 FuckingTheBellboy_GR-22 FuckingTheBellboy_GR-01 FuckingTheBellboy_GR-02 FuckingTheBellboy_GR-05 FuckingTheBellboy_GR-09


If you sign up for GayRoom, you get this scene anyway, so just don’t even worry about GayCreeps.com. GayRoom has enough of a stockpile of Kash scenes to make it worth your while anyway.



– tyler

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