It’s Live and It’s AMAZING

500 Previews Later – XXX-Men is Live!

I’ve been talking about this for weeks, so I don’t feel like there’s a ton more I need to say about it. I’ve watched the trailer and the full version a couple times already this morning and you should just – just watch:



COME ONNNNN. Yes it’s hammy.  Yes, there are some questionable costume/prop choices. But it’s SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. And Colby Keller – as though he couldn’t get it before – can get it forever and always with this Wolverine/Logan voice he’s doing here. Fucking hell.


Oh, you guys. This is so amazingly hilarious and good, and has spun off an entire site for this series and their other superhero parodies:  which you can try for $1 right now. Watching this full scene is worth a damn dollar.




3 4 7 13 20


Ok I have to watch it again.  GO! GO, ALREDY!


– tyler

3 thoughts on “It’s Live and It’s AMAZING

  1. I feel like the only gay human being that doesn’t get the whole Colby Keller thing. To me, sure he’s cute and puts on a good show, but for me, it aint all that.

  2. I love Colby. He’s not my type from first impression, but I was won over by his performance in many of his projects with any studios he’s signed with…

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