The Ten: Tommy Tucker Dominates Everyone

It should come as a surprise to no one that Tommy Tucker has taken the top spot on The Ten. Not just because he’s ridiculously attractive, but because you put him there. Nearly twenty-one percent of Manhunt Daily readers agree that he’s the sexiest man on the planet. So how long can he hold the title before he’s inevitably replaced?

Five brand new hunks will be attempting to dethrone Mr. Tucker, and they wouldn’t have a chance if five other men hadn’t stepped down from the countdown. Though Kris Allen may have had the excuse of retirement, other folks such as Zac Efron, Kris Evans, Taylor Lautner and Felipe Rezende just couldn’t keep up with the competition.

So how exactly does the game work? I’m glad that you asked! Every Wednesday, we’ll feature ten extremely sexy men to choose from. You can vote for up to two of these studs, and only the five with the greatest amount of votes will move on to the next round. The remaining five slots will be filled the following week by men who you’ve suggested, as well as a handful of hotties selected by your favorite bloggers (that would be us).

To keep things interesting, each participant will be retired after ten weeks on the charts. They have the opportunity of returning in the future, provided that they produce another hot video, photo shoot or anything worthy of a Manhunt Daily post.

Now let’s forget about the rules for a second and focus on what really matters–who should be on top next week? You have until next Wednesday to get your votes in, so hop to it and make your vote count!

– Dewitt

To view this week’s rankings and vote, follow the JUMP:

1. TOMMY TUCKER (LW – 1, W3): Why is Tommy Tucker staring at you like that? Because he wants to shove his dick down your throat. Okay, so maybe I’m not one-hundred percent sure about that, but at least it’s a fun thought to have on your mind. A very fun thought.

2. TY LEBEOUF (LW – 3, W5): Week after week, this bootylicious porn star has climbed up one spot at a time. One vote was all it took for him to beat out Peter Pagan and continue this trend, but does he have enough support to climb to the top of the countdown? Stay tuned in to find out!

3. PETER PAGAN (LW – 10, W2): Did we mention how close today’s race was? Ty may have defeated Peter by one vote, but Peter only took his competitor Sean Sullivan by three votes. It just goes to show you that every vote counts…

4. SEAN SULLIVAN (LW – 4, W3): Stuck at fourth place again! Last time we checked the rankings, Sean was sitting comfortably at the number two spot. It only took a few last minute votes to knock him right back down to where he started. Can he pull it together and drag himself out of this rut?

5. JACK JEFFERSON (LW – 9, W2): We were clearly wrong to rank Peter and Jack towards the bottom of last week’s list. Speaking of bottoms, don’t you want to bend this man over and fuck his brains out? Though I guess I’d settle for throwing my legs in the air for him…

6. JAY HORTON (DEBUT): Horton may have heard a Who, but Jay Horton’s about to hear the sweet sounds of my balls slapping against his taint. Oh, who am I kidding? As confident as I am about myself, I think it’s safe to say this man’s out of my league.

7. CHRIS CUBA (DEBUT): While Chris didn’t receive as many “likes” as the other guys on the countdown, he certainly took in plenty of love through the comments section. Several of you even wondered whether it’s legal to look this good. We didn’t pass the Bar, but we know a little bit… and it is.

8. NICK YOUNGQUEST (DEBUT): After rugby player Ben Cohen had a decent run on The Ten, it’s only safe to assume that fellow athlete Nick Youngquest can do the same. After all, he’s also straight and gay-friendly with a tendency to take his clothes off.

9. PHONG LUU (DEBUT): Every time I look at this picture, I just want to unbutton the fly of these undies and dive right into that crotch. If Phong’s ever interested in making an amateur gay porn tape, he should definitely consider giving me a call!

10. COLIN ANDREWS (DEBUT): Though many of you were underwhelmed by the bondage aspects of this photo shoot, there’s no denying that Colin Andrews is a sexy little fucker. I know I can’t be the only one who wants to follow that treasure trail with my tongue…

38 thoughts on “The Ten: Tommy Tucker Dominates Everyone

  1. Tommy Tucker exudes manliness in a way that can not be moussed, primped, or plucked into existence. Deep down, virtually every gay man wants a guy just like this (or wants to be a guy just like this, or both), even most nominally ageist 20-somethings. He is that manly.

    What ultimately determines how a model places on The Ten is the photo that the editors choose to put up. This is a good photo of Tommy … but not the best. So I predict he’ll finish lower than last week.

    Peter Pagan’s best pic was up last week. He looks much less compelling in this photo. I look for him to do less well.

    And lastly, would all the Blog trolls who show up week after week vomiting vapid, vacuous accusations of editorial racism please vote for Jay Horton.

  2. Damn, I’d like to see Tommy Tucker dominate Ty Lebeouf whilst Ty sucks off Nick Youngquest.
    Wow that was oddly descriptive.

  3. It’s Tommy (again) and Nick Youngquest. 🙂

    Ty was a close choice, but rugby player and sexy, older men in uniforms are my favorites. lol! 😀

  4. tommy is good, but all the other guys look the same, smooth and muscular..lets have some variety

  5. Are you kidding me? Jay horton is in last place! Behind Flung Poo or whatever his name is! Look at that beautiful face. Those lips, the eyes i feel like i could stare into for all my life, I’m a pretty confident, self-assured guy, but that guy could make me get plastic surgery just to be with him. And no thats not sad, its a testament to how hot he is! O yeah and jack Jefferson would be a close second for me. He has a similar body type, reminds me of a less tattooed, whiter Jay Horton (not that race has anything to do with it, I can hear the comments now!)

  6. I went with Chris and Nick. I want them both! I’ll give my address again….:
    And I agree with Scott’s last statement.

  7. I hate 2 sound like a broken record but it is no surprise that the Asian & African American R at the bottom of the list . I think all of these guys R amazingly hot …..
    BTW I voted 4 Jay & Nick Youngquest . Jarvis U R spot on Jay is a darker version ( LOL ) of Jack …..

  8. By far the most difficult week to vote for this week. I wanted to vote for four of ’em! But, I settled on some of the new comers, or the lower status ones to give them a chance.

  9. Peter Pagan is amazing (they all are actually.) But the Pagan guy really flicks my Bic. What a pretty face and the outline of that meat makes me really want to see MORE of him. I’d love to wake up and find him next to me in my bed. I’d cuff him to the headboard before he wakes up and tries to bolt. I’d let him go after a few nights and feed him nothing but Cialis. What a YUMMY man!

  10. blackjack,
    it’s obvious you’re racist.
    you always seem to mention the black dude that doesn’t get the most/best/top spot, and you seem to think how unfair everytime.
    try to find something positive just once.
    even if you don’t really mean it, because you constantly showing your racist bias isn’t a good thing, and should be cause to work on some changes. here’s your Oprah AH-HA moment…

  11. Holy cow! This weeks guys are incredibly hot! (so glad Kris Allen is gone, lol!). It was REALLY hard to pick! wow! Had to go with Peter and Sean, though — although just about all of the guys are pretty fine! 🙂 Nick, Chris and Jack would all be worthy winners in my book. Hope we see more of all of these guys.

  12. jay Horton and Nick Youngquest. Looking at those two made me forget what the others even looked like.

  13. If the editors had put up a photo of Nick Youngquest from the photo shoot … I would bet anything he would not be doing so well.

    In the featured picture, Nick looks much less like a rugby player and more like a male model. He’s smooth and chisled, whereas in the photoshoot he is more beefy, hairy, and tattooed. He looks very different. And any picture in which penis is visible is going to be more popular.

    The featured picture is pretty amazing, really. But it really is just all about the picture that the editors choose.

  14. This pic is his Naked Rugby League calendar shoot, which was a few years ago, and doesn’t really represent his look today. While his spread (no pun intended) for Attitude and DNA are both really hot, I think his Gods of Football calendar shots from last year are more like his current looks. (Which is still fucking hotter than hell, BTW. 🙂

  15. I wish Sean would give up the Kylie Minogue-esque cover up.

    He’s a clasaically hot guy, to be sure. But I keep looking for a breast to fall out somewhere.

    It ruins it for me.

  16. I see several comments mentioning the “bottom of the list” … correct me if I’m wrong, or mildly retarded, but … aren’t 6-10 .. kinda supposed to be on an even footing, given it’s their … debut? The only guys who have previously been voted on are 1-5.

    Complain about them being at the bottom of the list NEXT week.

  17. the shaved look/regrowing look just is not ALL THAT HOT TO ME – look at your sweet face on boy number 10 – wonderful looker and will always be one of those guys who gets carded at the bar’s because he could be 16…

  18. honestly i don’t think black jack’s comment was racist at all….anyways

    i voted for peter pagan…damn what a looker

  19. @Benn, well I appreciate that that is the aesthetic which you value.

    I think it is safe to generalize that features which suggest a masculine profile will typically be favored by a large community of gay men. It’s why we’re gay.

    Silky smooth, hairless skin can certainly be attractive … but facial hair is uniquely masculine and I find that when it is done well, it can be more appealing. My problem with Colin in the chosen picture is that he looks far too boyish. The briefs actually make him look even more boyish. I’m not digging him in that picture … at all.

    For my part, features that suggest that a model “looks like he could be sixteen” are actually really pretty creepy.

  20. Your headline is a lie. He has not and never will dominate me. None of these guys who wear those femmy little boy briefs, ie, fag panties, will ever dominate me.

  21. Wild-N-Free – Got news for you. I won’t say that the guys on here are racist cause I’m not really sure, but it’s pretty damn obvious that the black guys with the chiseled features, fantastic bodies, great poses, and expressive faces never seem to be anywhere near the top of the list, when, objectively, they should be rated in the top five, at a bare minimum. Racist, or just voting for something that people are familiar with??? Who knows?? But sump’n sure ain’t righteous!

  22. hey sean sullivan does it big time…f##### you hot we should play with mine and yours sixpack…..yeah!!!!

  23. hh9999, I personally think that Jay and Phong are extremely sexy! However, I thought the two I voted for were more sexy, so I voted for them! Had NOTHING to do with race! Would you queens just get over it! Far be it for everyone to have an opinion that doesn’t pick them! Geez! It’s our right to choose who we want and who does it for us! Get over it already!

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