Secret Sex: Jake Dibeler

If this bearded fellow looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen him before in my dear co-blogger’s “Must Watch: A Bear With A Butt Candle” post (which I pretty much made him write). His name is Jake Dibeler, and I am one-hundred percent addicted to his ass.

From what I understand, he’s a performance artist based in Baltimore, who spends most of his time on stage being near-naked, singing pop songs and covering himself in random food substances. There’s one video where he drizzles himself in honey, all whilst performing a choreographed routine to Mariah Carey‘s “Honey”. I’ve masturbated to it at least eighteen times. Not that I was counting or anything.

Honestly, I’m not even sure why I’m including him in the Secret Sex section, because I would thoroughly admit to anyone that I want to ravage the fuck out of this guy. If anything, I’m ashamed by the level of my obsession. There was this one time when I pretended that we were boyfriends, having sex on stage while singing Destiny’s Child songs in unison. That’s not normal, right? Whatever. It’s just how my brain works, guys!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jake Dibeler

To check out more pictures and video footage, follow the JUMP:

Watch more of Jake’s videos here.

15 thoughts on “Secret Sex: Jake Dibeler

  1. Dewitt, some things are best left unshared. Every pixel of this post falls into that category.

  2. Speaking of sharing, Dewitt, when will you share the “additional” pictures for this week’s Top or Bottom?

    All I can think is how long it took him to get that honey off.

  4.  this, coming from a person who actually reads a manhunt blog. as if you couldn’t possibly stand this take up the space that could instead be filled with, oh, you know, breaking news about a penis or something

  5. i think his work is really nice. i looked at his website more extensively. a lot of important stuff about how pop culture is totally sexualized, and it’s effects on us. i think it’s very smart, he reminds me of brilliant performance artists like karen finley or carolee schneeman. i think you should interview him, dewitt! maybe it’d give him a chance to explain himself, instead of just letting these people scroll through some pictures and decide they’re disgusted, based on no real evidence.

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