Sean O’Pry For Calvin Klein

Sean O'Pry, Calvin Klein

Check out hot model Sean O'Pry in the new Spring/Summer 2010 campaign for Calvin Klein jeans. The guy is so hot I'm barely looking at the Jeans, in fact, I wish he'd just take them off already!

But seriously, I think these ads are great and photographers Fabien Baron and Sebastian Kim did a great job providing us some eye candy!

– Andy

For more shots, follow the JUMP:

Sean O'Pry, Calvin Klein

Sean O'Pry, Calvin Klein

Sean O'Pry, Calvin Klein


3 thoughts on “Sean O’Pry For Calvin Klein

  1. thanks Jimbo for acknowledging that this guy is hot, but isn’t your type. and not like the queers on here that thinks someone is ugly when that someone isn’t their type.

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