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Believe it or not, my infatuation with porn star Colby Keller is based on more than his body. I mean, I've had a crush on him ever since I first saw him on Randy Blue, but that crush has been growing more intensely as I learn more about him. Reading his blog, Big Shoe Diaries, is like reading the blog of the best friend I never had. Sometimes I envision us running about town, going to thrift stores and hitting up art museums. Other times I envision putting my dick in his ass.

For some reason, I want you to share my obsession with me. You can start off by following Colby on Twitter, @ColbyKeller. And if you're feeling extra ambitious, you can enter his Porn For Art contest. Colby's giving away free porn from Dominic Ford in exchange for your best artistic interpretations of him. I'm not sure if my gigantic, photorealistic Chuck Close-style portrait will be done in time, but I'm definitely working on an entry.

Speaking of entries, we're bloggers! We write them! And this is probably the most awkward segue ever, but Andy and I would really appreciate it if you followed us on Twitter. You can catch us getting out tweet on at @Manhunt and @DewittDaily. Show us some love!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dominic Ford

For some photos from Colby's blog and Twitter page, follow the JUMP:





Thrift 017


Corbusier 3

11 thoughts on “Follow Friday: @ColbyKeller

  1. i demand some porn twins and then maybe i’ll think about following you and andy on twitter
    you’ve been very lazy on that front lately dewitt

  2. He looked hoooooooot in his video with Patrick over at SeanCody. Still hot but I’m not liking his current hairdon’t.
    Love the scruff though.

  3. I love him because he looks like such a goober! But then when the lights go down and the legs go up…mmmmmmm. Kind of a Clark Kent-Superman thing

  4. Dewitt
    BTW, you mentioned that you’ve been following Colby for a while. Not sure if you know, but he was on Sean Cody’s site for a few movies quite a while before he showed up on Randy Blue.

  5. I freakin’ love this guy. I have liked him ever since his first SeanCody vid, back when he was pleasingly plump.
    I totally agree, he seems like a guy I’d like to get to know in other senses than the carnal.
    I just learned today he had a twitter, and now I see he has a blog? I am so there.

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