Westboro Baptist Church Takes On Lady Gaga

The crazies over at Westboro Baptist Church have a new target in their cross hairs, the always fabulous Lady Gaga. The group did a cover version of "Poker Face" with lyrics like "You just got, you just got… your whorish face!" among other gems.

I probably shouldn't bother publicizing the group's work, but I think it's so funny! They're actually smart with getting their name out there on the internet, the only problem is that it's always people ridiculing them.

Check out the video and at least get a good laugh at the insanity.

– Andy

240 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Takes On Lady Gaga

  1. Old news is old.
    I was wondering when churches would be going after Lady Gaga too.
    God loves to hate sexually free woman who supports us gays. Not only that, but these people actually claim God said he hates Gaga? Like he whispered in their ear like Chinese whispers?
    If you talk to God you’re normal, if he talks back to you you’re insane.

  2. Thats just crazy. They hate anyone that doesn’t fit their perfect little cookie cutter mold. WBC get over yourselves.

  3. WBC is NOT a “church” and should not be considered to represent those who do strive to honor God. It is one demented family (including thier small children) and a few of their friends. They are as offensive to evangelical christians as they are to gays. My guess is that the old man has entertained homoerotic desires his whole life and he’s just a pathetic, self-loathing soul.

  4. I’d rather see a picture of a 500 pound 90 year old man in a bikini than hear or read anything about this so called church.

  5. Does anyone else notice that she seemed to have the lyrics down a little too perfectly? Me thinks she’s secretly a Lady Gaga fan.

  6. What the hell kind of church is this? I have never ever in my life seen something so outrageous in my life. I don’t know why they would single Lady Gaga out at all but the fact that they are suggesting 9/11 is her fault appalls me. How could they even show that? Robert Patterson is nothing compared to this. I support freedom of speech and all, but this is taking it too far.
    Andy, you’re not publishing their work, your sharing their idiocracy with like minded people who aren’t going to believe what they say. Thanks for posting. I am gonna find away to contact them and give them a piece of my mind.

  7. Boy, things sure have changed since I attended church! We had youth group, potluck dinners, and sunrise services. Now, entertainment includes artist-bashing videos! Wow! What a wonderful use of technology. I’ll bet God is so proud. I am sure WBC will send any donations in support of this video to a Haiti relief fund.

  8. that was a fantastic video. from the superb lyrics to the fantastic visual (from an ameteur video pov). the message sucks but everything else is great!

  9. The WBC has no problem with Priest & Minster standing behind the Bible while molesting little kids .. I could not agree more with Jason the whole 9/11 insinuation thing was appalling” however I bet the hijackers where all fake FUCKERS! just like the whole WBC congregation !!!

  10. This is what happens when you have way too much time on your hands, nuttier than a fruit cake and “think” you can IM God.
    Next time someone starts spouting off how dangerous “Radical Muslims” are to our country remind them that “Radical Christians” are just as Dangerous and in many cases.. MORE DANGEROUS!!

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