Ryan Reynolds Hearts Robert Pattinson

Ryan Reynolds

Okay, it's official–Ryan Reynolds is in love with Robert Pattinson. Well, sort of…in an interview with MTV, the hunky actor was asked if he'd like to do a scene alongside the Twilight star. His response, "Oh are you kidding me? Look, I'm not gay–but I'm thinking about it."

Damn, what's with all these straight Hollywood types teasing us like that? In an interview with GQ, Pattinson himself joked "OK, I fucked Joe Jonas. I love him."

Let's just get Joe to confess his love for Ryan. Then we can move on to filming their threeway scene as a special OnTheHUNT 3-D experience. I'd love to see the shot where Joe Jonas uses his "hose" to spray us with some "white foam".

It's not entirely out of the realm of possibilities, right? Wikipedia told me that Joe Jonas is gay, and it's a totally reliable source for information (as you all know). Could you imagine if he came out through his wikipedia entry? That would be classic!

– Dewitt

For a screen cap of Joe Jonas' very gay wikipedia entry, follow the JUMP:


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