Russell Crowe to Star in Robin Hood Remake

Rusell Crowe

Director Ridley Scott is remaking and reinventing Robin Hood which will star Russell Crowe as the misunderstood, even likable Sheriff Nottingham. This is usually a clear-cut legend where Robin is the unfailing hero and Nottingham is the villain you love to hate. But look for Crowe, known for his nuanced interpretations of stereotypes, to create a multidimensional and memorable bad guy.

If you recall, Ridley Scott directed Crowe in award-winning Gladiator, and he has asked the star to lose some weight for the role of Nottingham. It's rumored that we'll see Crowe in a love triangle with Maid Marion (Sienna Miller) and Robin Hood (Christian Bale). That'd be a threesome worth the price of admission!

Did anyone catch Crowe and Bale in 3:10 to Yuma?

I'm looking forward to this one, but filming has been delayed until 2009.

– Wilbur

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  1. I believe that Mr. Crowe will star as the Sheriff OF Nottingham. Nottingham is a place, not the guy’s last name.

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