Rosie O’Donnell Live Tanks

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell premiered her show Live on NBC last week on the eve of Thanksgiving and it tanked. According to the Nielsen Ratings, she only had 5 million viewers and that’s not good enough for NBC. On her website Friday, she wrote "there will b no more" variety specials.

This show was supposed to solidify her big TV comeback after being fired from The View. I bet Barbara Walters and her ladies are having a field day with this.

Anyone watch the show? Are you surprised it didn't do better?

– Bumble Bee

3 thoughts on “Rosie O’Donnell Live Tanks

  1. I actually rather liked it. I love old-school product placement and complete network integration (seriously.). That is not to say that it couldn’t have been better. Although I liked it more than Ellen’s special from last week.

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