Raw Dogs: Alex Tanner And Scotty Zee

Two ballsy boys bareback and I can’t think of anything alliterative that would take this further. But where do I get a brother to bring me a dildo on a tray? Not an actual brother, that would be gross. Especially if I got pregnant.

Alex rocks onto his back and spreads his legs wide as Scotty slides his dick deep into Alex, giving him some bareback brother cock as Alex continues to stroke himself off. He fucks Alex like that for a while until Alex is ready to ride him, mounting Scotty and giving his dick a nice grinding. Scotty grips Alex’ ass and thrust as hard as he can into his step-brother, who seems ready to burst at any minute.When Scotty flips Alex over onto his hands and knees, pounding his bubble butt doggy style, Alex can take more, and he shoots his massive load all over their bed as Scotty keeps pounding away. He continues to fuck Alex hard until he’s ready to blow, seeding Alex’ hole with his family seed and telling Alex to keep their secret if he wants to keep getting the real thing in the future.Alex sees no problem with that arrangement.

Some boys are just born for bareback – Alex Tanner and Scotty Zee would be two of them. Click here for more!

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