Raw Dogs: Alex Tanner And Scotty Zee

Two ballsy boys bareback and I can’t think of anything alliterative that would take this further. But where do I get a brother to bring me a dildo on a tray? Not an actual brother, that would be gross. Especially if I got pregnant. Alex rocks onto his back and spreads his legs wide as […]

Wiry Fuckers: Scotty Zee And Ian Green Bareback

The bareback flip-fuck has really become a trend. Thoughts? But that’s nothing compared to the first time experience that happens next, as Ian plunges his raw cock deep inside Scotty’s tight hole. Ian pounds Scotty from behind and Scotty takes every bareback inch willingly until Ian tells them to switch, and it’s Scotty’s turn to […]

Scotty Zee And Allen Lucas Toy With Each Other

NextDoor Raw took dirty ginger Scotty Zee and scruffy wonder Allen Lucas, gave em’ a bunch of toys from Fort Troff, and set em’ loose on each other. Sluttery ensues! Allen has volunteered to be Scotty’s fuck-slave, and Scotty takes him up on it, using the leash to guide Allen, and using the spread-bar to […]

More Ginges Should Bareback Fuck: Scotty Zee And Ty Thomas

Oooooo, do I love a ginge with floppy hair and a nice body ready to bareback flip-fuck! Enter Scotty Zee. First Time Cruiser features Scotty and Ty Thomas meeting in the park and going home to fuck in the home office. These guys suck each other’s cocks, eat each other’s round, perky asses, and stuff […]

Scotty Zee Nails Gabriel Cross

My porn puns are subtle. Continuing the latest porn trend of emphasizing “connection,” “emotion,” and “hot couples on dates in beautiful locales,” Next Door Raw sent shortish porn sparkplug Gabriel Cross and taller, shaggy-haired handsomeness Scotty Zee on a weekend away. Long walks through the vineyard and multiple glasses of pinot noir lead to these […]

For Those Of You Into Tall Guys, Meet Matt Delgado

He’s tall. He’s like a big hot tree! His cock’s tall, too! NextDoor’s newest acquisition is tall, dark, and handsome Matt Delgado. They’ve paired him with cute ginger Scotty Zee. Do you think breaking in the new ass at a porn studio is a good gig or is it actual work? It might take a […]

The 2017 Grabby Nominations Were Announced (And We Were Nominated!)

The Grabbys are the porn equivalent of the Oscars (but with far hotter people and surely way less boring and probably less fuck-ups). There’s a problem, and all of you porn fans can empathize with me on this one. Cuz’ the 2017 Grabby nominations have been announced, and there are SO MANY FUCKING nominees in […]

Twitter Feed (Me): Look, Porn Stars Are Tweeting At You!

I was mostly monitoring Twitter this week for piss jokes about President-Elect Assface. I saw a lot! But, in the meantime, our porn favorites were still a’tweetin’! Take it away, boys! Get to know Adam Ramzi. At length! Adam (who was celebrated bigly on Manhunt Daily this week) recorded a lengthy Periscope vid where you […]

Trick Your Friends Into Gay Sex For Pride 2016!

Set a trap with your butt and then grab their dick before they can run away!   It’s officially Pride Weekend in New York City (and in many other places around the country – including my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL), and what better way to celebrate than by concocting a plan to get your […]