An Unlikely Friendship Between ‘Gay Curmudgeon’ And ‘Famous InstaGay’

Handsome Arrow star Colton Haynes has been announced to star in a new TV series titled I Run Hot. The series, being developed for AMC Studios by Broad City co-creator Ilana Glazer, will star the 31-year-old actor playing “a famous #instagay who can’t help but exemplify it,” according to Deadline. Eliot Glazer […]

Please Do Not Euthanize These Hilarious Gay Dogs, Okay? They Are The Best.

Remember that heinously dreadful story about an owner who tried to have his dog euthanized for being “gay”? That was such bullshit. Also, that dude should have realized the entertainment value of gay dogs! They’re front and center for the sixth installment of Eliot’s Sketch […]

Random Question: Do You Ever Get Annoyed by Self-Proclaimed “Fag Hags” & Their Zany Antics?

You’re at a party having a perfectly normal conversation. Maybe it’s about politics, or maybe it’s about how much you want to eat Nick Sterling‘s ass. Frankly, the topic matter is irrelevant to this scenario, because the conversation comes to a close when a drunk […]