R.I.P. Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy

We encountered some sad news this morning, waking to news that Senator Edward M. Kennedy's passed away last night at his home in Hyannis Port, MA. The 77 year-old politician had been battling brain cancer and is remembered for "a career of fighting for the poor, for women, for racial minorities, and for basic human rights for LGBT Americans."

Back in 1996, Kennedy was among a handful of US senators who officially proclaimed their support for marriage equality when he voted against the Defense of Marriage Act. He also made major moves as a lead sponsor of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, insisting that gender and sexual orientation were added to hate crimes and employment legislation. He will surely be missed.

– Dewitt

18 thoughts on “R.I.P. Ted Kennedy

  1. A very sad day for Americans. Particularly now during this struggle for health care reform. He would have made a huge difference in speeding this along.
    As a side note to our Fox (Fixed) news fans:
    This morning while all network and cable news programs were covering the Senator’s death, Fixed News only had a scrawl across the bottom of their morning telecast announcing his death while the blonde reporter talked about nothing of any importance. Shameful. But worse, rather then talking about his accomplishments and loss to the country they could only manage to report that his father arranged a temporary senator to fill JFK’s vacancy when he won the presidency with the agreement that this temporary guy would step aside once Teddy was 28 years old and therefore old enough to run for the senate. I never knew this and don’t care but apparently this was the best that Fixed News could say at the moment.
    My question to the Fixed News watchers out there is why do you watch this station? Oh, and before I am attacked I admit I switched over briefly to Fixed News to see how they were handling this important news. And believe me they did not disappoint!

  2. yeah…but it’s hard to get past the Mary Jo K. death. Teddy got away with that JUST because he was a Kennedy.

  3. You can not get past the Mary Jo K death? But I bet you’ve gotten past the George Bush lies that took us to war or the fact that Ronald Reagan never once said the word AIDS during his entire presidency or that Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon or that Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace. Sigh! I guess it is all about politics for you. Where is the humanity? And now for the big one….
    how can you be a gay republican? What have they done to advance your rights as a human being? Teddy Kennedy was flawed but Mary Jo K should not be his legacy any more then being a gay republican is yours.
    I understand that you never said you were a republican but your comment indicates a very bitter conservative argument that is stale and pointless.

  4. I am NOT a Republican, Wrestletp. You had a 50/50 guess and you guessed wrong.
    Ted let a woman die. Face the facts.
    I am tired of people becoming saints after they die. First everyone forgets that Michael Jackson molested kids…now this?

  5. He didn’t respect dead Mary Jo, but we are supposed to respect him now? He left her in that water overnight while he went home and went to bed.
    Sure he did some good in his life. Didn’t say he didn’t. But he did some bad, too. Just think putting him on some sainthood pedestal is pushing it a bit.
    RIP, Teddy.
    And…finally…RIP, Mary Jo.
    I’m done…now let’s get back to some hot guy posts instead.

  6. No, we are not done Erik. No one has put him on a pedestal. But you are intent on taking him down. He made a huge mistake and paid for it. I hope you can go through life living the sainted life you expect of others. Maybe he was a spoiled young rich boy but he made massive strides the rest of his life to become a better person. Now maybe you should follow his lead.
    And Michael Jackson was never convicted. But the racist sure did convict him.
    I would rather live a flawed life and accept those things that make us different then to be a bitter SOB like you and so many other racists.
    Your turn……

  7. An innocent man (MJ?) does not pay off the family of an accused. He stands up for what he did not do. So I think MJ was guilty…although you are right, he was never indicted cause he settled with the family instead of going to trial. Rich people can do that.
    Not sure why you pulled a racism card. MJ was whiter than I am. And I dont like pedophiles of any color.
    And how did Ted actually pay for Mary Jo’s death? Just curious what you meant by that.
    I could not be any further from a “mean spirited” person.
    Like I said…RIP, Teddy! I am not trying to bring him down.
    He did some good. No denying that.
    I am moving on, Wrestletp….have fun talking to the wall if you want to continue.

  8. Say what you want Erik but Michael Jackson was never convicted of anything. It is not unusual to pay off a horrendous accuser than to have your name dragged through the mud. He could afford it. He probably shouldn’t have done so but to you he was guilty no matter what he did. It is your type that judges without the facts that makes life for people like MJ and Ted Kennedy so difficult.
    You were not gracious about Ted Kennedy no matter how much you claim that he should rest in peace. You brought up the very sad incident in his life that happened over a generation ago rather than all of his accomplishments and achievements that followed. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you should read some of the press being written about him today. But no doubt you get all of your news from Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh.
    One more things. I despise pedophiles as much as I despise racists. Michael might have been whiter then you but he was still African American and a human being. I didn’t pull the racism card, you raised it by your comments and continue to do so with that “whiter then me” comment.
    I am glad you are moving on. You should look into yourself and try to grow as a person. Senator Kennedy certainly did so and I hope it is not too late for you.

    How will Ted Kennedy be best remembered?
    For his legislative initiatives 32% 55824
    His personal tragedies 26% 45542
    Family ties 41% 71628
    Total Votes: 172994

  10. All the preceding BS doesn’t cover for the fact that I met the man once outside a bar room. We both joked about the masses of cameras and onlookers around..(was a family member’s wedding) and how to get a moments peace from the throngs… Mr. Kennedy proved to me that day he was no different than the rest of us….warts and all. Of all the people I’ve met around the world, I can honestly say Ted Kennedy was really one of us…proud of his family, country and friends. None of us are perfect. RIP Sen. Kennedy.

  11. Teddy at a bar? Go figure. Good thing you didn’t take him up on his offer to drive you home.

  12. There’s no disputing the fact that his family’s wealth and power kept him out of a prison cell, which is where he belonged and where any of us common people would end up, if we had committed the same crime. Instead, the misguided people of Massachusetts continually rewarded him with a political career. Shameful, to say the least.

  13. Down, boys, down! (LOL)
    Sorry, I never liked the Kennedy’s. Teddy walking off drunk to let the girl die – that’s a legal and moral issue – not personal. Getting off scot free – hmm.
    Ted made some good challenges and also introduced some BAD legislation. Feelings mixed on his legacy. (No flame war intended.)

  14. He never offered, nor did I ask. Besides it was an island. We all flew there or boated. Sure sounds like you’re living in a Glass House. Wouldn’t want to be you.

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