Quickie: Tristan Hamilton

Tristan Hamilton is a filmmaker based in Australia, but he pays his bills by “exploiting his assets”. For the record, those are his own words, and we’re pretty sure they just mean he’s a model. In fact, you may have seen him on the internet at some point, showing off his “assets” to varying degrees…

In any case, we recently stumbled across this semi-creepy photo shoot of Tristan posing in front of teen idols like Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and that famous lesbian singer. It’s kind of awesome, mostly because it involves him stripping down and nearly fellating a frozen treat. Is anyone else feeling a strong urge to bury your face in his bush?

Photo credit: Luke Austin

To check out more pictures of Tristan Hamilton, follow the JUMP:

Bonus shots!

123 thoughts on “Quickie: Tristan Hamilton

  1. The last photo is very hot. I just find it a tad weird that a supposed grown man would pose in front of posters of a 16/17 year old kid.

  2. Forgive me if I’m wrong… But I get the feeling that that’s the point. I think it should also resonate with how the gay community sometimes seems to worship youth. (not an attack, just a personal observation)

  3. For the reasons that I don’t understand I dunno why I am attracted to him; and I can’t resist the feelings either.

  4. I also took the “teen idol” setting as ironic. I thought it was amusing. But wow, hot guy. The last two photos rock — one sexy and masculine, the other sexy and mischievous.

  5. He was hot, n now even hotter…he is a showman…knows how to sell himself…fucking awesome sexy man…

  6. I must be weird – I think this guy is a total turnoff, dare i say it, ugly. Just looks kinda strange to me.

  7. Wow! What a stud! Very hot MAN. The background wasn’t his choice, that is the photog expressing his creativity….or lack thereof.

  8. @jeffo, it most certainly is! And I’ve seen him dancing at the Oxford Hotel in Sydney, he’s a lot better looking in real life

  9. Interesting how in the pic where he has his bak to us and looks like he might be jerking off there is a big splash of white paint on one of the posters. And it’s the right level too if you know what I mean. I didn’t even notice that at first. Talk about twisted.

  10. Yayy!!! Super hot muscle bound art boys!! Wondering when they’d show up again, haven’t seen em since the late 80’s early 90’s

  11. “Is anyone else feeling a strong urge to bury your face in his bush?”

    Hell, yes! His bush is CRAZY sexy! How refreshing it is to see a hot MAN who doesn’t strive to look like a pre-pubescent BOY.

  12. Well he does have a good body, but I’ve said it before I don’t like to see the veins pushing up thru the skin I find it creepy and a turn off, I like defined guys but not over done. He’s got a nice looking package and great smile and as for the photo’s in front of teenagers er no too much sorry I’m not into young guys

  13. Seeing Justin Bieber in the background makes me soooo uncomfortable. Especially the one where he’s “cumming” on that dude’s face, and right next to that is a big face shot of Justin. a3i5uaj5egrw6the ugh so .. blegh!!! so not right

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