Quickie: Stuart Reardon

English model and rugby player Stuart Reardon cut all his hair off! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Before, he looked like someone I’d have sex with on the first date. Now, he looks like someone who’d force me to skip the date, so he could bang me in a dark alley.

And, gosh, I can already anticipate what some of you are going to say about his tattoo, and here’s what I have to say about that business. Enough is enough! We get it. You’ve made your point. You’d rather see him without any ink. Frankly, I happen to think his tatts add to the whole “bad boy who’d bang me in a dark alley” appeal. But noooooooooo. You’re too selfish to care about my boner. Please! Let me masturbate to guys with tattoos in peace.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Pascal d Ameyal

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171 thoughts on “Quickie: Stuart Reardon

  1. This man is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. What’s up with hot men putting ink all over their bodies. The Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin from the series ‘Moonlight’ has ink all over his body too. However, I don’t give a damn about the ink, the man is still fucking gorgeous.

  2. Ugly, distracting tattoo.  That it should be such a distraction is as much a pity as it is a problem to the beholder.

  3. I like his ink. It’s crisp, rich, and has a good graphic appeal. And I’m not usually a fan, so here I think it must really be good. Not to mention all the rest of his hotness.

  4. I looked @ his other pictures with his hair and I like it the way it is now! The short hair goes well with the tattoo he has and gives him more of a Greek Bronze god or Gladiator look!  I think the tattoo looks good and tastefully done.
    Come on baby take me in that alley and do me good! I will endure the tears of pain I am sure I will feel!  “WINK”

  5. Yeah, this is not the kind of man you make sweet love to.  This is the kind of man you have dirty, filthy, raunchy pig sex with and beg for more!

  6. And before I get flamed, let me clarify that the above statement is based on his physical characteristics alone.  He may have the sweetest, most caring personality in the world.

  7. Some guys can carry off the ink, some can’t. This one can. Oh… and he can carry me off, too, while he’s at it.

  8.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  The best of them can pull off both.  I think he’s THAT kind of hot.

  9. as a person ages, so does the art on their body. it only makes the medium more beautiful that it has a transient element. in that respect it’s more like dance or theatre than those artforms which have some sense of permanence, such as literature, sculpture, and visual art. the fact that something ages does not detract from it’s beauty. all of us age, so the tattoos on our bodies reflect this impermanent aspect of our condition. a tattoo which had no progression or fluidity over time would seem incongruent on a human body. i fucking hate these anti-tattoo comments. xoxo

  10. the art of tattoos means a lot to a lot of people. what you wrote there is similar to saying : ‘what’s up with hot men reading all these books?’ or ‘what’s up with hot men going to the theatre?’ or ‘what’s up with hot men appreciating jackson pollock?’ tattoos have entered our culture as a widely enjoyed and accepted artform, one which boasts a complex artistic heritage in nations all over the world. it can be a form of spiritual expression, a mark of loyalty or sympathy toward particular subcultures, a personal representation of selfhood, or simply stem from a desire to become the canvas for a piece of living art. i fucking hate these anti-tattoo comments. xoxo

  11. i would say the only problem here is with the beholder… firstly, the tattoo is a part of the body once applied. the body cannot distract from the body, so that just doesn’t make sense to me. it would be like saying that paint distracts from a canvas, that words distract from a blank page, or that players distract from a stage. secondly, well, there is no secondly. but you’re very annoying. Cultural commentator Margo DeMello wrote that the tattoo attracts and also repels precisely because it is different. On this forum, where many visitors have probably faced a fair degree of intolerance because of perceived difference, i would expect more acceptance of a subculture which has traditionally worked to destabilize established notions of normative behaviours or expressions. i fucking hate these anti-tattoo comments. xoxo

  12. Ink to paper is thoughtful
    Ink to flesh, hard-core.
    If Shakespeare were a tattoist
    We’d appreciate body art more.

    Terri Guillemets

  13. for sure a head turner!! Good looking man and incredibly intense looking eyes!! I would not say no to him. And for all those complaining about his tattoo art, I am sure if he said hi to you and wanted to take you to bed you would go!!

  14. if only he’d have flashed that gorgeous smile in this set. the pic with the smile from the set with hair made me melt!

  15. Generally I hate large stupid tattoos like this one. With this guy, he’s so sexy that it doesn’t matter… just as long as he stops there. 

  16. I have several tattoos, each with very deliberate and special meaning, several in memory of relatives and friends. I agree with Joey…tattoos are an expression of a lot of things. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover..

  17. Here’s my question:  He walks up to you completely clothed and says, “let’s go back to my place and fuck.”  Would you say no?  You’d be an idiot if you did.  So, you’re lying in his bed naked, and he takes his clothes off.  Do you go, “oh, sorry, your tattoo is too distracting for me to let you bang me”?  Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

  18. Joey get real. This man has a smokin hot body that he obviously has worked real hard to attain. I could take this man home to meet the parents…..except the overdose of tatts. I’ve known a few old WW2 vets and NO tattoos do NOT look better with age. I have a couple myself but the whole arm and onto chest fuckin’ suck. I fucking hate your pro-overdose of tattoos attitude .xoxoxo

  19. like the old Stephanie Mills song goes….

    Never mess around with ROUGH TRADE..and he IS rough TRADE

    Bad boys will steal your heart away… leave you begging for more

    And take you to your grave…He will fuck you till your dead!!!!

  20.  Yeah well several people have asked politely for people to lay off the bitching about tats, doesn’t seem to have worked. You don’t like them, get over it! I fucking hate you guys bitching about them.

  21. wow, this man is fucking beautiful!  and he looks kinda mean too, so that’s an added plus 🙂

  22. Damn he is beautiful, if by some miracle anyone of us had a chance to be with this guy I doubt his tats would matter then. 

  23. Cortez, was I talking to you, asshole? You seem to be a bitter miserable person.  In the future, please don’t respond to anything I post. Keep your opinions to yourself. You are full of bad karma.

  24. To: Cortez

    I noticed others made comments about not liking tats. Why didn’t you respond to their post as well with your negativity? 

  25. I just like reading your posts, you make a paragraph about tats and then say you don’t care. lol. 

  26. He is total perfection, especially the tats and the short hair.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give him a 76!

  27. I agree that this man is hot as hell, but he gives the same look in every photo.  He’s reminding me of Zoolander!!!

  28. Dewitt I totally agree with you about the tatts and the negative comments. If you don’t like the guy/post don’t comment. It’s that simple. I read your blog daily and love all the pics of the hot men. If they have tattoos that makes it even better for me. In the words of Ellen “Be kind to one another”. The world today has too much hate and the negative comments are a waste if time. I’ve never commented on any of your posts before but like you I am over all the negativity. Have a great day and keep up the great work.

  29. Dark alley or bright alley that man can have my ass anytime he wants it!!
    He has some gorgeous ink and the canvas is pretty hot too 🙂

  30. HAHA, I can’t tell if you’re mocking me or if I should appreciate the support? Either way, this is classic.

  31. HOT HOT guy!
    I don’t like tattoos ( oh no – the moderator is going to delete me now) and i wish they did not go below the elbow.  That said – his body close to perfeect.

    It would be nice to see a differenct expression on his face (oh no – I’m being negative again…  what happened to free speech?)

  32. This man is so friggin hot there is nothing that could distract his sexuality and machismo;the tats just bring him to a higher level of manhood.

  33. Dude is totally 100% smoking hot. I’m not a tat fan but it seems that those actually add to his hotness.

    Speaking of tats…despite your post about then and even a reference here, it just seems that some guys (probably the biggest tat whining offenders) aren’t getting the message. I guess that speaks volumes about their self-deluding denial.

  34. Don’t stop posting pictures of HOT guys like this just because there are a bunch of lonely ass prudes who don’t appreciate the ART of tattooing much less the sexy man that CHOSE to put something he WANTED on HIS body

  35. I don’t blame dewitt for banning all comments from now on. Obviously queens are gonna be queens and trolls are gonna troll. Keep posting more tattoos Dewitt, I love your work.

  36. If I ever crossed his roads, I’d mug him, take him to the forest and MAKE  him take me.

    As for the tats, I like them. Generally, I like a man with tattoos, but
    it can become too messy if the guy just randomly chooses motive and
    placement. This man’s chosen a style and he’s sticking to it. Sexy.

  37. Just to add my unsolicited opinion to the tattoo debate. There is a huge difference between “I don’t find his tattoos attractive” and “horrible, ridiculous, unnecessary tatoo [sic]” or “stupid ugly tattoos.” I have said this before, but I just cannot understand the moral judgmentalism behind these statements. What is it about tattoos that incites these people’s ire and indignation?

    Anyway, this man is just absurdly hot, and the tattoo is beautifully executed, in my personal opinion. I just hope there’s room for me in that dark alley along with all you other sluts!

  38. To the Tatt haters: You’re all a bunch of whiney, hypocritical twats. Tattoos aren’t your thing, we get it. But there’s no excuse for you to SHIT on the fact that there are MILLIONS of people around the world who’ve grown up with tattoos, like tattoos, and/or fantasize about tattoos. It’s disrespectful and only displays what kind of lowly, sad individual you are.

    To be honest, Dewitt, the comment pages for a lot of your blogs have made me lose hope for the international gay community. All a homophobic activist would have to do is look at these comments and conclude “even gays hate other gays, so why should they have fair and equal rights” (kind of a piddly argument, but I definitely wouldn’t put it passed homophobes to use.).

  39. on the same token tho, Alaskaman was only commenting on one of many of  joey’s posts. Yes it is against tattoos but if someone is going to go overboard with pointlessly defending them doesn’t everyone else have a right to share their opinion aswell? Again alaskaman wasn’t placing his own post bitching on it just commenting on an incorrect comment. On a personal level i dont necessarily like large tattoos and would never get one but to each their own.

  40. iluvecumguts, cool it with the douchebaggery. We get your point there is no need to place it on every anti-tattoo post there is. Kindly shut up 😀

  41. this guy is just hot—i’d want to lick each design and let him tell me what they meant to him
    when he had them done—true intimacy—-then he better fuck me hard and look me in the eye—guy is just hot

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