Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Bottoms of Man Royale

Based on the reactions to our “Hot or Not: Romantic Porn” post, it’s safe to say that Man Royale might be your new favorite porn site. You guys really seemed to appreciate that the performers slowed things down for once, treating one another like human beings instead of crazed fuck machines.

Best of all? The sex is still hot. The romantic angle is fueled by an intense (if not potentially feigned) passion, leading to downright sensual encounters that aren’t boring to watch. At times, you feel like you’re peering in on a couple who have been together for years, yet they’ve somehow managed to overcome the oh-so-dreaded “sexless marriage” phase and maintain the spark that made their relationship so special in the first place.

For today’s round of Fuck Vs. Fuck, we’ve gathered up seven of Man Royale‘s bottoms to answer one big question. Whose scene is most believable of them all?

Notably, all seven performers are getting fucked by the same top. We selected these scenes on purpose—despite the fact that we had to leave out two of our favorite clips—in order to ensure that nobody received an unfair advantage. So what do you think? Who should be this week’s winner?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Man Royale

Click through to watch clips and cast your vote:














2,229 thoughts on “Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Bottoms of Man Royale

  1. FUCK!  Are you kidding me?!  I could barely make it through that first clip without busting my nutt and you want me to watch SEVEN of these?!?!

    Also, who is the lucky top bitch who gets to make love to all these hot men?  He only has the best job in the world!

  2. noticed that too.  wtf?  doesn’t their site say that each image is an actual screen cap?  still a great scene though, i love the way he looks up at the top after he cums

  3. I suggest you all take a look a the Christopher Daniels clips. Not usually my type…but he is so eager. Wow.

  4. The mood of the scenes, esp. with the really bright backlighting reminds me a lot of straight porn from x-art. I’m guessing it’s produced by the same company?

  5. Yep. Def same company: same site format; same mission statement, which seems to be really sensual porn.

    I really like it, but I have to say I’m liking the straight site a bit more just b/c they have Denis Reed. Too bad he doesn’t seem to be doing gay porn anymore; a crossover would have been awesome. 

  6. Made it through three and half of the videos before I just had to bust.  Awesome. so far the first is the best

  7. The  KIRK CUMMINGS: Video got me all the way great looking guys a hot romantic seriously into each other fuck and 2 awesome cum shots!
    Reminds me of my Husband and my fuck sessions sometimes! 

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