Hot Hairy Fuck: Alec Hill & Hussein Paris

For the sake of full disclosure, we totally didn’t postpone this week’s Twink Tank feature just to write about Alec Hill and Hussein Paris. I mean, do we really seem like the type of guys who’d throw aside such gems as David Coogan, Sencer Keve and Aiden Summers in favor of two extremely hot, hairy gentlemen who know how to fuck?

Never! We’re professionals here at Manhunt Daily. We would never put our own personal interests in front of those of our readers (even if we want to bend both Alec and Hussein over and eat their fuzzy holes until they cum). Why would you ever suggest such a thing? It’s so unfair when you assume these things about us…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Butch Dixon

Click through to watch Alec and Hussein fuck:

Watch the full scene NOW at Butch Dixon!

14 thoughts on “Hot Hairy Fuck: Alec Hill & Hussein Paris

  1. Hot, hairy men..woof…bless you Dewitt for not only liking us bears, but putting pics out there…outside of sites which specifically target the bears/chasers/admirers, few sites post pics of anyone who isn’t young and smooth! Oh, and am I the only one who is not s huge fan of the animated gif files? Just give me a hot still photo and let me do the “action” in my mind 😉

    Dennis in NW Indiana

  2.  Heh, I’m sorry about the GIFs! I just can’t help it with some of these photo sets. They make it too easy.

  3. I love the gifs that simulate movement like that. I think it adds to the viewing. Is there some special software that you use for that because I’d love to use it. Can you help a brother out?

  4. I can’t give away ALL of my secrets…


    There are much better ways to make GIFs, but I find that’s the easiest and fastest way for me.

  5. Always appreciate it when I don’t have to sit there and tell my porn “Come on, cut back to the hot guy!” This is perfect.

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