Quickie: Obama’s Gay Lover

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Yes, we realize that President Barack Obama doesn't actually have a gay lover, or at least we're pretty sure he doesn't. Has this bit of tabloid fodder from The Globe been going around for a while? I have a feeling that it has been, but this is the first time I'm seeing it. This story is very believable when it's placed below a headline teasing you to find out "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO DOLLY'S CHIN!"

Can I point out my favorite part about this cover? Just look into the red circle for the caption–"Michelle vows to crush him". I just love the idea of Michelle Obama crushing people, because the only image that comes to my mind is a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex with Michelle Obama's head. It's almost as amazing as this.

– Dewitt

3 thoughts on “Quickie: Obama’s Gay Lover

  1. I guess some people will do anything to get their fifteen minutes of fame… obviously no one will take this article (or the idiot trying to tell people he’s playing house with the President) seriously. Wave goodbye to your reputation!
    Frankly, I’m more curious about Carrie’s secret wedding…

  2. I remember the repugnants trying to make some sort of scandal like this, either during the primaries or in the first months of his presidency. Apparently, he spent a little too much time in the back of a limo with a male staffer, or something.

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