It’s Hot Rugby Player Day Here On Manhunt Daily

It’s our intention today to make your cock explode today. Ow, not literally. Dewitt introduced us to GORGEOUS rugby bloke Sacha Harding this morning. And I’m going to make your lunchtime sexier by posting these hot pics of Australian rugger David Pocock. Even his last name is hot.

Pocock isn’t just a skilled and sexy athlete. In a recent interview, he stated that he won’t be officially signing off on his marriage documents with his wife Emma until gays can legally marry Down Under. Wow!

Ok, it also occurred to me that it’s a REALLY good out for him if he decided shizz wasn’t working out. And he wanted to save on alimony. But I choose to believe it’s out of the goodness of his heart.

Hell, he could be T.I. and I would still consider fucking him if he looked like that walking on the beach in his Speedo. More pics after the break.

– J. Harvey

28 thoughts on “It’s Hot Rugby Player Day Here On Manhunt Daily

  1. Those. Fucking. Thighs.

    I really need to go home and jerk off several times in a row. This day is too much for me.

  2. I love it when big, muscular men stuff their junk into the smallest shorts and underwear possible.  Almost hotter than them actually being naked.  Key word there being “almost” because if I actually saw David’s “Peacock,” I can’t be sure I would retain consciousness.  HOT!!!!!

  3. geez, very nice.  needs to comb his hair, but that’s ok, i can do it for him while he’s asleep in the bed next to me. 🙂

  4. G*D DAMN He’s f’ing FINE.  That’s perfection right there… Beefy, hung (I think), blond, sexy, masculine, and uncut (I’m assuming)

  5. o my Goooood this Guy can com here every time wow… lots of Dutch Kisses… from Egbert Beekman in The Hague within The Netherlands

    do have a awesome Rugby week… and a awesome Rugby coming weekend…

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