Quickie: Metha Chularp

Metha Chularp is a Thai model and actor known for his appearance in the gay film Silom Soi 2. He seems to have a tendency to get naked on a regular basis, a quality which we greatly admire in another man. In fact, if you take your pants off right now, there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll like you more…

But back to the topic at hand! Mr. Chularp has a handsome face, toned torso and a light dusting of fur beneath his belly button. We happen to like all of these things. However, we’d like them even more if we got to enjoy them as much as his Silom Soi 2 costar. Don’t catch our drift? Please refer to the last photo in this set.

– Dewitt

To check out more pictures of Metha Chularp, follow the JUMP:

(via Homotrophy & OMG Blog)

10 thoughts on “Quickie: Metha Chularp

  1. Well if he has the tendancy to get naked, why are there no nude foto’s of him????
    Very nice, but not my cup of tea

  2. Aaannddd the hot ethnic guy has only 2 comments.  The readers of Manhunt Daily strike again!

    Well, I am one white guy who would take off my pants and bend over in a second for this stud.  I don’t know who that lucky bitch is who’s giving him a blow job in the surf in that last pic, but I promise I give better head than him, Metha!  Let me try!

  3. I would like to second the latter statement!  I would also give better head!

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