Bi The Way: Trystan Bull, Marko Lebeau & Shanah Lane

We apologize for all the Marko Lebeau overload. We’ve been planning since last week to write about his bisexual scene with Trystan Bull and Shanah Lane, but as soon as we saw him getting plowed by Jonathan Agassi in Lucas Entertainment‘s Power Professionals… Well, we couldn’t pass that up!

Now, all you poor unfortunate souls are forced to watch Marko sucking and fucking twice within a 48-hour period. The horror of it all! To add insult to injury, he’s not even spreading his hairy cheeks for you in this particular clip. Which means you can probably guess that he’s not getting fucked by Trystan.

With that said, there’s a bit of oral play between the two French-Canadian porn stars, and it’s still damn fun to watch them throw a slutty blonde back and forth. And even more importantly? This scene is fucking comical. Watch the trailer, and you’ll see what we mean. It’s been a while since we had a LOLWAB moment like this.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Trystan Bull

To check out Trystan, Marko and Shanah in action, follow the JUMP:

Click here or below for a free video preview:

Or watch the full scene NOW at Trystan Bull!

220 thoughts on “Bi The Way: Trystan Bull, Marko Lebeau & Shanah Lane

  1. Eh, I’d rather I would have Marko to myself rather than watch all these others guys and gals get to him!

    Then the only “overload” I’d get of Marko would involves actual LOADS! 😀

  2. The short dude with the chain around his neck who has a little cock probably hopes everyone believes his online m4m profile when he says he’s hung 8×5.

  3. I thought manhunt was a gay site. If you’re bi guy and wanna look for a guy here that’s fine, but pussy has no place here! Why are you catering to the maybe 1% on manhunt?

  4. Hey ladies, use your better judgment if this offends you. Wow, one entire section on this website with a link to cock and pussy…that YOU chose to click on it. ‘Tards.

  5. I presume you meant, “Gross. Lose the dyke”? But, small minded people often make such mistakes. Some of us LIKE/LOVE women, too.

  6. I hope you jerks feel better after denigrating women and bisexuals. Must make you so superior, just like the hate mongering straights that you continually have to defend yourselves to.

  7. I love listening to Trystan talk, it just amuses me so much and i love when porn has some stupid plots…
    hey thats an idea for a post… Best Porn Plot…

  8. Firstly, I don’t see why all of you BITCH to no end that you have to see a vagina. Concentrate on the lovely penises that are presented if you’re bisexual in no way imaginable.
    Secondly, holy shit I could not be happier about LeBeau not being shaven and appearing in porn.

  9. Hey, don’t hate on Marko! He’s hot as hell and you’re clearly not gay if you don’t accept all penises, regardless of width or length.
    Or, I guess I could just say.
    Siiiiiiizzzzeee qqquuuuueeeeeen.

  10. Don’t be an ignorant prick. I’m gay and recognize that there are bi people that use the site. This isn’t all about you so stop being intolerant. If you don’t want to see this then don’t click the link. This goes for everyone else that feels the need to say something negative about the bi posts just because there is a woman in them,

  11. please stop clicking on the bi-the-way links just to leave your unnecessary hate and misogyny here.

    how would you like it if you start seeing a whole bunch of comments on every other post,—on this site, left by presumable-heterosexuals,—making the following complaint:

    this planet is designed for us to live on!

    nobody wants to see two dudes sexing each other!

    keep this kind of crap off the internet!

    then one of you will retort, you don’t have to fucking look at this page if you don’t like the gay stuff!

    then someone else would come around, weren’t you one of those ones always bashing on bi-sexuals??

    then what?

  12. wassup w/ all the bozos that can’t deal with bisexual porn….go away and stay away until you can behave like mature adults

  13. All those bitching about seeing a chick should stop for a second and think “is this how I want straight people to judge me and my actions”?  You get what you give out. Stop having such a hissy and accept that the problem is YOURS.

  14. I am completely gay, but seeing something like this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I just focus on the two hot guys. The girl is pretty enough, but obviously missing certain attributes I crave in a lover. Get over it people. Just because you may be gay doesn’t mean you have to be misogynistic assholes about things.

  15. Tristan Bull and Cody Cummings need join forces with one-an other and GET ON WITH IT, ALREADY!!!

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