Quickie: Kiel Mannix

I’m well aware that Kiel Mannix breaks all the rules of mainstream hotness on Manhunt Daily. His body isn’t as ripped as someone like Chris Fawcett, and he’s not as naked and well-endowed as someone like Ted Colunga. His facial hair is more Zach Galifianakis than Rocky LaBarre. And, of course, his tattoos will be a subject of scrutiny…

But screw all those bullshit rules. As far as we’re concerned, Kiel Mannix is ridiculously attractive, right down to his thick beard and the ink on his chest. Beauty doesn’t always have to come in some cookie-cutter form, and this man is living proof of that concept. Just look at those eyes!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Luke Austin

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106 thoughts on “Quickie: Kiel Mannix

  1. :melts:
    I like that he’s not your stereotypical guy on here.
    It’s nice to see someone who looks natural and not all pornographically perfect, yet still reaaally attractive.

  2. He has a really nice beard and body and he’s super cute. But remember guys: DUMB TATTOOS ARE FOREVER.

  3. if he trimmed the beard a lil to make it even it would look gorgeous hes quite the hottie

  4. Good lkin fac & bod but long beard needs to go! 1 to 4 day growth is hot but that looks like an 1860’s photo shot of a naked civil war soldier.

  5. that beard had me rock in a second – and those green eyes – I can imagine the feel of that beard on my inner thighs

  6. Are you kidding me? He looks sexy. Normal sexy! It’s those over tanned, muscle heads(whom all look exactly alike)that have me shaking my head saying where in hell do these guys come from? Not this guy.

  7. wow. he is ridiculously hot. everything is perfect – eyes, body, beard, name. and his tattoos are fantastic. i’m actually getting a similar tattoo to the one on his left pec. except i’m getting all four trigrams vertically down the left side of my back in black. and let’s be honest, dewitt – if he were to shave his face, we would be “acceptable”, standard model fodder. very handsome though.

  8. I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s incredibly hot and handsome…especially with the glasses on.

  9. GORGEOUS eyes. Great bod. Love the hairy chest. His beard is a little too intense for my liking, but glad it’s gettin’ some engines revvin’.

  10. The beard is a bit too much. It’d be like sleeping with the Rabbi down the block.

    On the plus, he has nice tats. A hexagram (The red tat, combo of lines) and a Thor’s Hammer I do believe.

  11. This dude is waaaaaaaaaaaay sexier than most of the others posted here. Take me Kiel! Take me now!

  12. I like people who groom themselves at least a little so, if he put in the pre-nup that he had to keep his beard under an inch long then I’d marry him.

    Just sayin ;-)lol

  13. I’m with Jimbo – he doesn’t need to change A THING! Perfect just the way he is. YUM!

  14. he is hell fire gorgeous!!! ut maybe the beard could go, stubble would still be nice, but the beard does seem a teeny bit much….

  15. Are the manhuntdaily community standards of beauty really so constrained that Kiel Mannix constitutes anything more than a nominal departure?

    He looks pretty cookie cutter to me? A ken doll with glued on hair and crayon markings

    Don’t get me wrong, of course I find him incredibly attractive. But you knew that before I even left a comment.

  16. he’s gorgeous! shave that beard and he’ll look like any of those aforementioned pornstars. but seriously, don’t shave the beard.

  17. I’ll call studly, but the beard is a bit much…I know there’s a hirsute hipster chic going around, but the boy could do with a little thinning – reminds me of those homeless bicycle cult guys who roam the western U.S.

    But the rest of him is damn yummy. I suppose if I had him strapped into a barber chair I could whittle away at that beard with some clippers…

  18. Not my cuppa tea at all, at all, so I’ll just take my teabag and saucer and amble on out of here and leave you guys with the hot water and the cup…

  19. I was going to say something different, but then I looked into those eyes and I have to admit, the guy’s a total stud.
    Don’t like the beard though, but that’s just me.

  20. Love him 🙂 he looks like the type that i could sit down and have a conversation with, then go play some multiplayer games before shagging on the sofa 😀

  21. The man is basically a work of art that isn’t quite finished. He needs some little tweaks here and there to perfect the finished product.

    He’s got: dreamy eyes, beautiful skin and good features. Yep Kiel Mannix is a handsome man but …………. the beard and the chest hear need to go then he needs a good hairstylist to create a coiffure that will compliment his obvious good looks.

    I don’t particularly like tattoos but since he already has them there’s very little to be done about that. Would advice him, however, not to add anymore.

  22. Since they are both owned by the same company, Logo needs to bring back that MTV show with five guys on a bus and a suitor waiting outside, so when this guy steps off, we can all hear the suitor yell, “NEXT”!!!!!!!!

  23. This.  Guy.  Is.  SERIOUSLY.  Sexy. 

    I’m not a fan of all the cookie-cutter tanned muscley/skinny boys who all look the same.  Being ubiquitous is not attractive.  I’d rather have an incredibly sexy, unique and confident man like this.  Kudos for bringing this man to The Ten.  

  24. epitome of the guy I want! He’s gorgeous!

    I am, however, very curious by his tattoo (the trigram from I Ching on his pec). I wonder if he actually went for an official “reading” or just picked a symbol with an interesting meaning and went for it. haha

  25. “Shave the beard, don’t like the tattoos”. “I love you, you’re perfect–NOW, CHANGE”!!! What is this, “Queer Eye…”?! I must be really strange. I’ve never looked at a guy and given him a makeover in my head. I find him attractive, or I don’t. Anything like beards, tattoos, etc. are things that make up this individual and that is what makes him…him!!! Take those “add-ons” away on your terms and he’s not the same guy. If he takes them away on his terms, it is his choice and part of what I find attractive–his style, his manner, his creativity or whatever. Kiel Mannix is emmeffin’ PERFECT as himself!

  26. Do NOT shave the beard!!! I personally like furry men and I love facial hair. I wouldn’t be too upset if he were to just trim the beard but it’s fine as it is. I think he looks a lot more attractive without the glasses. But if it’s like a Clark Kent thing, it’s all good!!!

  27. Do NOT shave the beard!!! I personally like furry men and I love facial hair. I wouldn’t be too upset if he were to just trim the beard but it’s fine as it is. I think he looks a lot more attractive without the glasses. But if it’s like a Clark Kent thing, it’s all good!!!

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