Bi The Way: The Hairy Italian Dude

Before I allowed myself to fully embrace the “gay” label, I spent a decent amount of time looking at bisexual porn. Or at least trying to look at it. In general, this proved to be frustrating process, given that the search results for “bisexual MMF threesome” mostly lead to images of frighteningly shaven (and totally trashy) Bel Ami rejects.

With that said, there was one guy who really stood out in those thumbnail galleries. He had hair on his chest and some meat on his bones. When faced with the decision between any scene involving him or tanorexic twink orgies, I naturally drifted towards the “real” guy over the perceived “fantasy”.

To this day, I don’t know the name of this particular porn star, even though I’ve jerked off to several of his photo sets. He’s most easily identified by the Italian flag tattoo on his right shoulder blade. Frankly, I’m not even sure he’s Italian (as the title of this post suggests), but it’s a safe assumption to make, no? Either way, he still kind of turns me on…

– Dewitt

To check out more of this guy in action, follow the JUMP:

My favorite set, in which he gets fucked:

28 thoughts on “Bi The Way: The Hairy Italian Dude

  1. :-).

    i like the subject of your post by himself.

    i’ve never seen him before (to my recollection), so i couldn’t help you with a stage name or anything.

    maybe you could share the links from which you pulled these pictures?

    you know: share with the class?

  2. Uh – have you seen the Italian flag? That’s not what’s tattooed on his right shoulder. It looks like a cross in some kind of sunburst. The Italian flag has a red, white and green vertical stripe. I know this is just meant to be fun but.. really.

  3. I think the people are goodlooking, the stretched out pussy and the cum shots and the stupid “YEAH HOT MAN” expressions on all their faces made me feel sorry for all of them. Exploitation station, what’s your libation?

  4. Actually he said the right shoulder BLADE, which we never properly see. Though there is obviously a tat on it because we can see just a hint of it peeking into the edge of the pic where he’s licking up the other guy’s load. i agree, btw Dewitt, the guy is cute and if i were still trying to like women sexually at all, i might watch him too.

  5. I agree with MIster Impatience, I wish I was only looking at that guy and that guy alone! Or, you know, maybe him mounting a dildo too…

  6. Im all about some bi porn but whoever took these pictures need some help. In my opinion, none of these people are attractive however, the right pictures can make any1 look good, this doesnt…next

  7. why is this here?

    Is this now a bi-site?

    Are you out of ideas of what to stick here and totally desperate?

    I thought your limitless supply of twinks and smooth college clones was bad enough.

    save trash like this for a bi-site

  8. Wow people… if you don’t want to see bisexual stuff perhaps you shouldn’t read the post with “BI THE WAY” in the title. Just a thought!

    On a side note: DEAR GOD! The hairy man is hot, Italian or not! Someone needs to figure out who he is.

  9. Ummm the Itlain Guy Is Not Hot at all, kinda chunky munkey too.  The girl and other guy are hotter as a duo, he ruined the scene 🙁

  10. as a matter of fact:

    why does the other guy in the second photo set appeared to be totally zonked out, as if under a chemical influence?

    concurrently, i am rather surprised none have pointed out that same fellow’s rather odd, unfortunate “ocular state” which was captured in another of these pictures.

    (not good.)

    well, irregarding that, just continue working hard to find out whom that “italian” gent is, all right? 

  11. LOL “I think this is very beautiful” who comments that on a filthy porn video??
    Plus the people in this particular one are UGLY AND GROSS

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