Quickie: Kiel Mannix

Yup, Kiel Mannix is back on Manhunt Daily! The last time we posted pics of this lovely bearded gentleman, we weren’t sure that you’d share our enthusiasm for him. Alas, most of you agreed that he’s totally fucking hot and needs to be in my your bed immediately.

For better or worse, Kiel has trimmed down his bushy facial hair, and he seems to be adjusting well to his new status as an internet sex symbol. Note how his shorts are resting much lower on his waist, giving us an ever-so-small peek at the treasures below. Be still our hearts! We think we’re in love.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Mitch Fong

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25 thoughts on “Quickie: Kiel Mannix

  1. Still think he’s totally fucking hot.  And his beard seems a little smoother, trimmed in these pics–hence, absolutely no distraction from his uber-hotness.  Needs to lose those shorts though.

  2. i don’t like the beard — otherwise he’s gorgeous —- if he shaved his face, i’d be melting

  3. loose all the facial hair and all the ice both in north and south pole will melt…

  4. This is not meant as an attack against Mr. Dressler, merely a response….

    There are so many comments on this site, among others, from people who note that a particular model could be made “better” if he didn’t have tats or facial hair or extra weight or whatever because it isn’t within their range of tastes.   In a way, I guess this is part of the beauty that makes this the land of the free but I really don’t see it.  That’s not to say that I am innocent of doing it because I certainly am not.

    I know in my mind what my ideal guy looks and acts like and I thought I had found him.  Then one day he showed up with different hair and in different clothes and I realized that there was something even hotter about him when he presented himself this way but I probably wouldn’t have given him a second look because he didn’t fit with what I was looking for.  I am madly in love with him and am so glad that I learned to look twice!

    I guess my point is that how many of us have dismissed someone who may have been Mr. Right because he had tatoos or a beard?  If the comments on this site reflect the true feelings of the writers, what an unhappy scapegoating bunch we must choose to associate with….

  5. I don’t know about the rest of the people on here, but i think you could find better looking people to look at than this, might be ok for ordinary day to day meeting, but this is where we come to look at hot men, and i don’t think this guy meets the standard of being hot.

  6. I think he is incredible, way above average even for a model…. the classical beauty, as in a greek statue? no!

    classic in a Tom of Finland way? almost…

    beautiful in an every day hot guy with a bit more… unless he has no teeth, I imagine that he only gets better when he speaks… I’m basically ready to marry him…. 😉

  7. Although, I wish he’d smile or, at least grin a little, He’s gorgeous !

    And, men who don’t like facial hair are either lesbians or pedophiles :-)~

    Think about it ;-)lol

  8. For some reason I picture this is how Zach Galifianakis would look if he lost weight…

  9. Once again, a hot guy done in by super lame tattoos. He might as well have a tramp stamp and something written in hebrew.

  10. he is really hot but i think that the fact that he has some form of clothes on makes these pictures better because they leave something to be desired

  11. I think you’re wrong.

    He may not meet YOUR standards, but he meets mine. I came here to look at hot men….I got what I came for. I’m willing to bet a good number of guys are happy with what they see too. Sorry your standards were not met. Perhaps you could crack into the Manhunt archives and find some models worthy of your standards and look at those hot men. I however, am happy looking at this gentleman.

  12. oh yeah.

    kiel definitely has got it going on.

    he’s another one who has eyes that i can just stare into all day.

    so if a guy like him is actually single.. ..you might as well tell me the sky is made of cottage cheese — because nothing would make sense to me anymore.

  13. I agree. I happen to find Tattoos hot. I can understand some not liking Tat’s but to say it makes someone totally unattractive or they are tramp stamps is just stupid.

  14. kind of hot, can imagine his beard lightly rubbing along my inner thighs while on my stomach… licking my balls with his tongue, getting my cock nice and hard…

    OMG… gotta go now  🙂

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