Quickie: Dennis van den Eijk

If you like your men blond and beautiful, then you’re going to love Dennis van den Eijk! The thirty year-old Dutch model fills both of those requirements, particularly when it comes to the whole “beautiful” part. Yet he somehow avoids looking too pretty. There’s a masculine energy to his look that’s kind of irresistible.

Speaking of irresistible, have you taken a look at his bulge? I’ve studied it long and hard (quite literally), and it looks like the head of his cock is extraordinarily huge. While it’s quite possible my eyes are playing tricks on me, I’d rather just assume he’s hung beyond belief…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dale Grant

To check out more pictures of Dennis van den Eijk, follow the JUMP:

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And apparently he was on a soap opera?

207 thoughts on “Quickie: Dennis van den Eijk

  1. Dam, he’s hot. This site is turning me into a snow guy. There are men of color like black, Puerto Rican, Afro Cubano, Dominican, and Afro Brazilians in the United States. This country is not all white. Please show diversity! With this being said, the white men on here are hot, but I want to see men of color too.

  2. Beautiful and scruffy face, with lovely lovely eyes … curious if he is naturally hairy and shaved to appease the modeling agencies.

  3. There is definitely something about his eyes. When he squints he looks beady and shady, and doesn’t do anything for himself (much less me.) When they’re open, though, they are beautiful… and do a lot more… for all involved.

  4. He is a sexy fucker for sure. I love the 3rd pic from the bottom…partially because it cuts off some of his “Bob’s Big Boy” hairdo (not his sexiest feature). He could probably fare quite well in “The Ten (sexiest men on the entire planet)”. But then, he’d have Sanfield to deal with and well…good luck with that.

  5. I definitely get your point, but I worked for an agency for a few years…about 80% of models are of european heritage, and about 90% of gay porn models are white…so whereas I agree with you, I’m sure the site is just pulling from the available stock. Pretty hot stock, as it turns out…

  6. wow a hot guy in white underwear that really does it for me…… and he can iron clothes too wow fab send him here i need a house cleaner guess what his uniform will be????
    he is one hot guy
    happy new year to all, feliz año nuevo a todo

  7. I have to say, I am not even into blonde men (for the most part) but he caught my attention. # areas I always look for well hung, great eyes and a nice chest. He has got all three and he has that security look in his eyes that let you know he is there to protect you. Please choose more models like him, this one got me to take notice for more than a few seconds. 🙂

  8. Ok i know this Guy. Googled is name to see what would come up. I used to date Dennis. He is not gay, his dick is normal size but not bad at all. He doest have chesthair at all. In Holland Dennis is known as one of the biggest players around. He usually dates around six girls at the time and makes a sport out of visiting them all in one day. He is a sexaddict and totally loving himself. Hope i answered all your questions

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