Quickie: Christopher Cummins

Although there are so many jokes I could make about Christopher Cummins‘ name, I’m not even going to take it there. Not only would it be way too easy, but my hands are far too busy rubbing one out under my desk… Actually, my hands are typing at the moment, except they should be in my pants.

This twenty-year old hunk recently moved to Honololu to begin his modeling career. While we’re not sure what the industry’s like in Hawaii, we wish him the best in all of his endeavors. Hopefully, these endeavors will involve more pictures of his deliciously smooth bubble butt.

– Dewitt

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134 thoughts on “Quickie: Christopher Cummins

  1. Yes, he is a beutiful guy, but just that, not sexy 🙁 . also to boysh, i prefer more MAN stily. TO BE BEUTIFUL IS DIFERENT TO BE SEXY!

  2. WOW, nice…

    Warm and friendly greetings
    from Egbert Beekman, from The Hague in
    The Netherlands

  3. This guy is hot! Sexy, handsome, perfect, everything aesthetically I’d love to have in a man! Dang! He is handsome and sexy!

  4. good grief. he kinda reminds me of some of the william higgins guys from back in the 80’s heyday of porn

  5. Huyhgoeufghvjenroangeionvoidagndfklns,f s!!!

    There, you’ve done it; I’m officially tongue-tied and speechless! I love blonds – I love their hair, their skin, I love blonds and this one should be the poster child for hot blonds!

  6. yes he kinda reminds me of Chris Atkins in the Blue Lagoon Movie where he showed it all for a brief few seconds….LOL
    but this guy not only has the thick wavy beach blonde hair, but a very nice muscle-build as well….very nice indeed!

  7. Definitely a Hot Guy and he does look like a young Christopher atkins…I would love to do him 😉

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