Quickie: Ajay Shah

Unless he’s hiding under a different alias, there’s not much information about Ajay Shah online. The 27 year-old model from Atlanta had this to say on his modeling profile:

“Want to be on the cover of Men’s Health India someday and also promote for supplement companies since I am a physician also. Recently signed with a modeling agency, but would love to take new ventures. Please message me! There are very few indian models in the industry, and I would love get myself out there one day, before I start my sports nutrition website tailored to the South Asian crowd.”

He goes on to talk about how he’s single, and it’s difficult for him to meet people who enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Could you be the one for him? We’re not sure. Because he doesn’t specify whether he’s looking for men or women. D’oh!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

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84 thoughts on “Quickie: Ajay Shah

  1. He’s a doctor? I need to call and make an appointment, maybe for a prostate exam? Can you imagine how hot he is in scrubs?

  2. I think it’s pretty clear he is gay.  Lucky us – very nice!  And a doctor no less!!!  I wonder what he looks like when he smiles…..

  3. Very, very lovely man.  His face has a chameleon quality depending on pose.  Like the ones where it squares up more than the ones where it’s rounded.

  4. OMG – I”m in love (Again).    i think this man will be a  very famous model someday  and I  am  positive he is a wonderful and very businesslike doctor.  But would I  love to go to  lunch with him and let  the  night go by  with him by  my side – damn he is so handsome.  Thank you  for finding him and making my day!!

  5. Totally in lust with him in the soccer ball shot!  Wonder if he’s wearing a jockstrap under those short shorts?  Or maybe he’s freeballing?  Both options have me drooling…

  6. I will pass on him because men from India don’t turn me on. It’s something about their built, looks, and tiny cock sizes. LOL

  7. My goodness, this young man seems to be challenged to find a shirt that will stay on.  Good luck to him breaking thru that “Indian model” glass ceiling.

  8. the guy who said “Is he a doctor?” WHAT???? how stereotyped discriminatory do you want to be? not ALL asians are doctors…

  9. I.) If this man is straight, I am the Countess of Bavaria.
    II.) Never thought I’d write this, but I’m actually kind of stoked to see so many men turned off by Indian men, because it means more godlike men like Dr. Shah for me. Seriously, he is perfect.

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