Woof Alert: Rocky LaBarre

Whenever you see pics of the fuzzy manslab known as Rocky LaBarre, don’t you just want to yell “a maaaaannnnnn!” Much like that lady chicken when she spotted Foghorn Leghorn? Burly boys like Rocky might not be to everyone’s taste, but he sure as hell is to mine. His brawny physique, formidable cock, beefy backside, and those piercing eyes make me want to rip off those jeans and gobble him up. The use of “woof” is a little cheesy, but on occasions like this one – it’s totally necessary. WOOF.

By the way, did you know he bottomed this past summer? WOOF SQUARED.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Pantheon Bear

For more pics of Rocky, Follow the JUMP:

8 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Rocky LaBarre

  1. I want to lay him on my bed, lift his legs and eat his ass for hours before I wrap my cock, and slowly enter his amazing muscle butt and then fuck the hell out of him until we are both covered in jizz.

  2. I love that furry chest and that cock. He’s not only hot, but also a very nice guy. I have messaged him in the past on other sites and he’s always been great at replying to his fans.

  3. I’ve met him in person. He is every bit as nice as he is hot. Very cool and has even given me workout advice.

  4. well, rocky..

    ..if you ever need something, made of rock-hard flesh+tissue, to fill that hole of yours…

    …you just give A Saint a call.

    😉 😉 ;-).


    and there is an 84% chance i’d suck your cock so well that you’d shoot your load right into my mouth.

    {heh heh.})

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