Wilson Bethel Gives A Shirt About Global Warming

Wilson Bethel is an actor on that show on the CW where Summer from The O.C. is exiled to the Deep South to labor in a swamp or some shit? I have no idea, I see commercials for it during Ringer. I’m far more interested in Sarah Michelle Gellar being cagey as she impersonates her rich n’ evil twin sister, and I am growing to LOVE the bitch stepdaughter who says things like “the poor kids do it everyday”.

Anyway, here’s an ad for his show disguised as an enviromental PSA and it’s hella stupid. But he’s cute, and takes his shirt off and it looks like the show is ALL ABOUT shirtless dudes? Someone create a montage for YouTube.

– J. Harvey

To watch Wilson’s vid, Follow the JUMP:

372 thoughts on “Wilson Bethel Gives A Shirt About Global Warming

  1. Not all of those shirtless actors are from the same show.  It was a montage of  shirtless dudes on all the CW shows.

  2. He looks absolutely bonerrific here …. quick web search found pics from couple of years ago where he looked quite fatigued and worn out. Whatever he did in the intervening time, keep it (and me) up!

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