Prince Harry Is All Wet

Can you imagine how many camera phones, Flips, and handicams came out of pockets and purses when this went down? Prince Harry was whooping it up at a nightclub in Croatia (cuz’ that’s how he do) and, besides feeling free enough (*hiccup*) to dance that badly, turned a fall into a swimming pool (interesting club decor) into a graceful swan dive. The Prince of Ginge then climbed his lanky and hot ass out of that pool, and went right back to dancing!

Why in the HELL wasn’t he wearing white? WHY? WHY? WHY? Yes, I sound like a mourner at a particularly dramatic funeral right now. Seriously, I’m throwing myself on the coffin over this.

Prince Harry is so your average bloke. It’s a straight guy thing. Drunk and dancing alone. There’s a gay version, too. You know we all have that friend who gets drunk at the club and climbs his ass up on a platform and makes like he’s Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls and he was just made the lead in Goddess.

– J. Harvey

To watch Prince Harry get moist, Follow the JUMP:

7 thoughts on “Prince Harry Is All Wet

  1. what is most amazing is that people seem to be giving Harry a LOT of space….except for that guy who shows up at the end, nobody seems to want to know him — which is exceedingly odd, considering he is Prince Fucking Harry and all….

  2. Love tha music in tha background & it just looks like he’s have’n a good ol time, ain’t nuthin wrong with that, Hell, I’d party with his ass then take him home 2 get him out of those wet clothes…what I don’t want him catch’n a cold…lol!!!

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