Pete Doherty and Two Boys Kissing

Lead singer of Babyshambles, Pete
isn't afraid of mixing it up with boys. Although he once dated Kate Moss, he's been photographed getting intimate with men, and in the video for his latest single "Last of the English Roses," there's an extended shot of 2 young gays kissing (at the end of the video).

I thought the boy-on-boy makeout in Aguilera's "Beautiful" was hotter (not to mention stylish), but I guess it's a way for Doherty to generate buzz.

Is he worth a lick? I mean, does he have any talent?

– Wilbur

9 thoughts on “Pete Doherty and Two Boys Kissing

  1. crativity of the video is pretty pathetic..
    on that note… *turns around and watches lady gaga’s new music vid on tv*

  2. The kiss wasn’t worth the wait,
    the video wasn’t intelligent,
    but more importantly….

  3. Wow, I forgot about those kissing scenes in the “Beautiful” video…now THAT was some serious lip lock….mmmmm.

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