Brent Corrigan to Testify in Bryan Kocis Murder Trial

Gay sex, porn stars, male escorts, vicious murder and betrayal. This sounds like the making of a really cheesy gay murder mystery, but in this case it's real life. If you've been following the Bryan Kocis murder case, you know it involves this and much more.

Harlow Cuadra, a male escort from Virginia, is currently on trial for the murder of Kocis, who he saw as the only barrier between him and a porn star Cuadra was desperate to work with. That actor was Sean Lockhart (AKA Brent Corrigan), known in the gay porn world as the ultimate bottom twink.

Lockhart is testifying in the trial, as he was instrumental in incriminating Cuadra, after taping private conversations between the two following the murder.

Cuadra's accomplice, Joseph Kerekes, has already pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

Bryan Kocis was the founder of Cobra Video, and was stabbed and his home set on fire following the crime.

– Andy

For pictures of those involved (NSFW), except for Corrigan, who you can see dancing in the video above, follow the JUMP:

Harlow Cuadra, on trial for stabbing Kocis and setting his home on fire:

Harlow Cuadra

Joseph Kerekes (right), already serving a life sentence for the murder:

Cuadra, Kerekes

13 thoughts on “Brent Corrigan to Testify in Bryan Kocis Murder Trial

  1. Wow, that is some crazzzzzy shit. I like brent corrigan, hes hot, i’m glad he had nothing to do with it. hope this guy goes down, even though Bryan Kocis was a ped. and not a good guy

  2. Ugh … Brent/Sean Lockhart just cannot dance. That’s so shameful. But damn can he fuck. I have a major crush on that uber-hottie.
    I’m sorry did someone mention legal stuff?

  3. A human life is gone and all we can do is say that a different porn star can’t dance. It’s moments like this I wonder if we’re still human.

  4. Oh josh, that’s very nice and idealistic of you, but unfortunately that’s reality. There are murders everyday and crazy people everywhere. Bryan Kocis was a victim of that, but he was also in the middle of it, and has quite the shady past. I still feel bad for him and his family, but if I balled at each of these stories, i’d be cryin’ all day. Think about this: 25 THOUSAND! people die a day from starvation…

  5. I’m left wondering what kind of mindset makes a guy kill someone else so he can fuck a pornstar. That’s twisted enough. But to have an accomplice? What the heck was going through HIS head?
    Maybe the reason Kocis wouldn’t let Cuadra get near Corrigan was because Cuadrs was a tad bit psycho.
    Like a soap opera, everyone in this picture seems to have a skeleton in his closet.

  6. I guess i had no idea that gay porn stars could live such violent lives. When i buy gay pornos i wanna feel good about supporting those hot horny men, and not feel like i am supporting their drug habits and scandelous lives. Its a damn shame. May Brian rest in peace and the assholes responsible should have fun in prison for the rest of their lives.

  7. Have you guys been living in a bubble? The porn industry is still a fringe business where trouble will always follow the money trail. As thriving an industry it is, porn still remains what it is…smut. And before you drop your purse and go spouting off with your anti-puritanical rant, there is no morality lesson, here. You certainly won’t see the likes of women’s rights groups condoning their peers. And you simply can’t sugar-coat porn for what it is.
    Hypothetically, has anyone ever thought what the gay community would be like without being associated with the gay porn industry? Difficult to imagine, huh?
    So why should the porn industry be exempt from violence not occurring within their own community, gay or straight?
    (I know somewhere in my rambling, there were a few points I wanted to make)
    Rest in Peace, Brian…

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