Meet The Browns

The Browns

Many people were shocked by Chris Brown's attack on Rihanna, but any R&B singer with the surname Brown seems to have major run-ins with the law.

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, was arrested for high-speed car chases, and on multiple occasions for domestic violence.

Bobby Brown, former husband of Whitney Houston, was arrested plenty of times for late child support payments and charged with domestic violence.

Foxy Brown, the first female rapper to go platinum and debut at #1, attacked two manicurists over a $20 bill, knocked out a neighbor's teeth with a throw of her BlackBerry, and got caught driving
with a suspended license.

– Bumble Bee

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  1. Wow, she looks like a bitch. I never thought about the Browns I’m this way, now that you mentioned it, it does make sense to stay away from them.

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