Perfect Penis Club: Carlos Leão

This is a tough one to beat. 


What can I even say about this cock? Carlos Leão, bro. WTF.  This thing makes my mouth water regardless of what it’s doing. Even when it’s just hanging there soft like it is in that header. I mean. Is that just unreal looking?




I want all of that in my mouth immediately. I don’t know how this post was the first time I’ve ever heard of this dude. Look how fuckin’ flawless this dick is:



I don’t know if you can be in love with a penis, but I think I might be. I hope Carlos is a good guy, because I’mma marry that dick.



– tyler

8 thoughts on “Perfect Penis Club: Carlos Leão

  1. Yes, that’s a great looking cock, but the whole package–head to toe–ain’t at all bad either! If he should decide to visit Houston, I have a spare bedroom he is welcome to as long as I get to look at him naked with our without “touching” privileges–hopefully, with!!!

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