“Is He OK!?” I Yelled at the Screen

Good lord, Brazil. Is it something in your water?


I don’t know what the deal is what Brazil, but I’ve never met someone from there and thought “oh. You’re average looking. And that’s a regular sized penis. Meh.” They’re always just gorgeous, caramel-colored sex gods with some unholy sized erections that they love to ram into tight asses. It’s shocking. But also very reliable. To wit, Carlos Leão and his uncut monster:


Our Brazilian hung mate Carlos Leão and our sweet Latin bottom Ronny have given up. They sitting on their sofa, on their mobiles, looking for some hot guy to invite home, but have no luck at all. Do you think they will go without their daily dose of hard sex? Obviously not: Ronny’s hand starts exploring Carlos’ muscled body until he finds the huge piece of meat between his legs, already hard and ready to pound the eager mouth and willing ass of the young slut. Ronny can easily take all that massive cock deep inside his throat, he licks every centimeter with his expert tongue while Carlos licks and rims his asshole. When finally both cock and ass are completely lubricated the two mates begin a memorable bareback riding.


That is… a weird story you’ve spun, FuckerMate. But I don’t think English is your first language, although you do seem to know all the words: meat, pound, slut, massive, cock, rims, bareback riding. That’s the list.

This clip is ROUGH, though. About midway through I was yelling “IS HE OK!? SEE IF HE’S OK!” at the screen, while Carlos just pummeled the shit outta Ronny. Damn:



Right? Good god. That’s a real handsome dick though. Woof:


carlos_and_ronny_fuckermate_13 (667x460) carlos_and_ronny_fuckermate_12 (445x667) carlos_and_ronny_fuckermate_09 (667x460) carlos_and_ronny_fuckermate_05 (667x460) carlos_and_ronny_fuckermate_04 (667x460) carlos_and_ronny_fuckermate_03 (445x667) (1) carlos_and_ronny_fuckermate_03 (445x667)


If you’re unfamiliar with what Brazilian dudes look like naked, do yourself a favor and google it. That country is something else when it comes to the D. Yowza.

You can watch this specific Brazilian dick basically take Ronny apart here. 


– tyler

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