Perfect Penis Club: Bel Ami’s Jeroen Mondrian

Which I keep mentally pronouncing as “Ger-ow-an.”


Maybe that’s correct, though. Who knows. I don’t think Gerowan speaks, which is just how I like my Bel Ami boys.

I don’t often have excuses to talk about Bel Ami here because unless they’re doing more episodes of this Crisis on the Pope’s Dick! or whatever that series was called, it’s pretty much a world of rich, buttery smooth, sameness over there. They farm-cultivate these beautiful eastern European boys with oversized, uncircumcised penises, and then lock them together in a room and fill the spermy results. It’s cool, but it’s nothing really shocking or revolutionary.

But there’s something about their model spotlight this week that’s really getting something started in my teen region. Let’s meet Jeroen:



He’s pretty, right? And, yes, pretty in that same way that all the BA boys are pretty. But there’s somethin magic for me about the way they pan over that gorgeous soft cock that first time that makes me go “Yes. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter. Here is all my credit cards please and thank you.”

You can see Jeroen in action here (PS – MHD readers get you 30% off if you want it!).

But also here’s some pretty pictures <3:





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