Name That Dick: Unsolved Mysteries Edition

We gotta figure out who this is and what it’s from!


This week, a concerned MHD reader sent me what totally looked like a spam email with a virus attachment and I was verrry hesitant to download it or open it or even keep reading the email on the screen.

But then I was like “well what if it’s the best video I’ve ever seen and I will need to tell everyone at MHD all about it to better their lives? I MUST watch it! It’s my DUTY!” and I watched it.

And now I’m pissed off because I actually really really want to know what’s going on here:



What the hell is that!? I googled every possible variation of the words on the screen and then searched frantically for a way to upload a video to a search engine, but I’m coming up short. So, to quote Unsolved Mysteries:


For every mystery, there is someone, somewhere who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is watching. Perhaps… it’s you.




Seriously, though. If you have any clues, email me directly.


– tyler

15 thoughts on “Name That Dick: Unsolved Mysteries Edition

  1. “Phenix Saint”
    One of my all time favorite porn stars. Mostly a top, but occasional bottom. MUCH hotter when topping! Often found in “Dude, I’m straight!” themed vids.

  2. have always liked seeing “the bulge”, not a hardy, just the package showing under the pants…total turn on

  3. Ah, Phinix Saint, a great top, but so-so bottom (very rarely and only in the beginning of his porn career)… Lovely bulge nevertheless…

  4. Seriously? I thought the editor of this blog should be a porn connoisseur, but not knowing Phenix Saint! I’m so very disappointed, ?

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