Guys In Sweatpants: Acquired Tastes

Seriously. Give it a minute.
You’ll get into it.


One of the things I’ve never been good at doing is describing to people (or even myself) what my “type” is, as far as men goes. I’ve long been jealous of guys who have a set idea of what they’re into and can easily seek out what they want from specific dudes or porn and be totally satisfied with that. For me it’s always been more about my specific chemistry with someone than what they look like in any regard (age, race, body type, etc).  Really the only thing that doesn’t do the trick for me is super young dudes or guys who look/seem sad. But even that gets excepted sometimes.

This week’s pairing at Guys in Sweatpants, though, is one of those rare occasions where I would pretty much instantly describe these guys as “not my type.”

And I’m not totally sure why that is, if I’m being honest. But, like broccoli and coffee and Bjork, this was an acquired taste that was worth getting accustomed to. I’m glad to say that Guys has gotten back on track from that thing I keep bringing up, which I don’t know why I keep bringing up. Let’s watch:



I mean. What.

We’re back to good chemistry and lots of “oh SHIT what?!” moments here and I will readily admit that I simply do not understand the structure of this bottom’s ass. Because that other dude has a BIG dick and it slid in there with almost zero prep and no resistance and he could get sawed in an and out like he had a fucking (so sorry I hate this word I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry) pussy. It’s sort of incredible.

He’s the sort of bottom I’ll obviously never be, but the sort I’d very much like to be inside of.

Is it my favorite thing GISP has ever done? No. Did I get hard anyway, just off the fact that these dudes were so fucking into each other and the sex was smooth and natural looking and fun to watch? I did!

You can see the whole scene here. 


IMG_9441 IMG_9444 IMG_9447 IMG_9453 IMG_9461 IMG_9468


– tyler

7 thoughts on “Guys In Sweatpants: Acquired Tastes

  1. That’s Elliot Blue on the bottom and I’ve had a major crush on him for ages, which is weird as I’m not usually into thinks. But there’s something about him that really gets my top juices flowing, a suggestion ion that I opting him would be one of the best experiences of your life

  2. As far as I know he’s worked only at GISP but I remember seeing his debut with Austin and being blown away by him. Elliot had the rare talent of connecting with scene partners to the extent that you forget you’re watching a construct and believe they’d be splucking whether the cameras were there or not

  3. Actually if a sucker was here while watching it I would not have blue balls. LOL
    Seriously I try to avoid jerking off as much as possible so I can enjoy actual sex more and appreciate it more for starters.
    Also there was a time in my life all I had was jerking off for a few years so it has really lost its appeal to me.
    Hence why I end up with blue balls watching a lot of porn that seriously gets to me.

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