Paul Rudd Slurping From A Gigantic Penis.

Here is a picture of Paul Rudd holding a huge dick with a straw in it! We do not know the source of this image, nor do we care. All you need to know is that this is a magical moment for your Manhunt Daily bloggers. It could only have been better if he were naked.

So, um, get naked Paul Rudd! Then we can try this again with Steven Prior‘s dick.

– Dewitt

Photo via: Sissy Dude

614 thoughts on “Paul Rudd Slurping From A Gigantic Penis.

  1. My dream is to be in a Jason Bateman/Paul Rudd sandwich.    I think I need to frame this picture on my wall.   

  2. Dewitt,

    I will relinquish all claims on Mark Ruffalo if you can hook me up permanently with Paul Rudd. 

  3. Alas! Im not alone! LOL u guys understand my affection 4 Paul! He has the most sexy, mesmerizing hazel eyes!!! Ugh! Just oozes Hot especially in the pic above!

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