What Did Willam Do?

If you didn’t watch the RuPaul’s Drag Race reunion special and you actually care about the show or spoilers, you might want to stop reading this post right now. On that note, you might also want to stay out of the comments section, where I assume our readers will be discussing the outcome of this season.

Now, on to the important question—what the fuck did Willam Belli do to get disqualified from the show? Did it have anything to do with drugs or hormones? Is she pregnant? Did she spill details on the competition? Were her shoes too fabulous? Did she get caught getting spitroasted by Shawn Morales and Jason Carter?

Nope. She just fucked her husband.

The rules apparently state that contestants aren’t supposed to tell anyone where they are. Yet despite her best efforts to keep the location secret, her man basically stalked her, showed up at her hotel door and then they bumped perineums all night long. How romantic!

…And since Willam is the queen of good timing, let’s all watch her new parody “I Love You Like A Big Schlong” (if not only because Dante Ferraro‘s in it).

– Dewitt

Click through to watch Willam’s new music video:

Cool story, bro… But, uh, let’s change the topic.


22 thoughts on “What Did Willam Do?

  1.  Congrats to Needles! Yay for winning!
    Now, I believe one of two things: Willam was either a set-up from the very beginning (how convenient for Ru to kick off someone else than one of the lipsyncing queens who were on the SAME team) or the “I got side action during filming the show” is just BS – to preserve the reputation of both Willam and the show/Ru… oh well, I guess we’ll never know for sure…

  2. Willam is incredible!   I’m not sure that I completely buy the story about why she was kicked off.   Part of me believes it was just a setup for ratings purposes.   If Willam won, she’d have to do the Absolut tour.   Getting kicked off ups her profile and will get her more acting work.    As far as Sharon Needles winning…YAY!    She performed here in OKC right after the first episode aired and was so incredible.   Kudos!     I do wish Chad Michaels would have been awarded something, but will be satisfied with Phi Phi going home without the crown.  PS…Princess’s attitude…not pretty. 

  3. A friend of a friend (I know right) is acquainted with William…he told me this weeks ago. So, if that lends any credence…there it is.

  4. It is kinda lame – and there is prolly more to it… But I originally hated Willam, but she grew on me. I actually wanna see more of here… and shes coming to my town in June for a show so YAY!. I think I’ll have Chick-Fil-A for lunch today.

  5. Thank God, or RuPaul, that Phi Phi didn’t win. She was sahdy, and Willam called her out, as did Jiggly. And I don’t believe her tears for a minute.

  6. willam is awesome, and although she didn’t have the chance to win, her calling out phiphi’s bullshit last nite made the show   lol.   oh, and the “RuPologizing” comment.     i was going to TRY to keep the comment spoiler free, but since EVERY comment before me mentioned it, HOORAY FOR SHARON!!!   lol.  

  7. This is what drag is represented by? I though Drag was/is Glamour, Fashion, Style and Attitude and Willam only has attitude. An air headed, loudmouthed, anorexic, bitch…no not bitch because that would insult the name of Bitch itself. What has the entertainment industry come down to. Willam was here in Madison and I saw the show and thought, “this is it? this is what the fuss/commotion was all about?” a bloody hot mess. Bloody, because my eyes were bleeding from the terror that stabbed my corneas. UGH!! no thanks!

  8. Sharon was unconventional, like madonna was in the eighties and it worked for her and for Sharon

  9. But i did love her name “Sharing needles”, it made a statement, she is one smart cookie

  10. beyond glad that sharon needles won!  i did love me some chad tho….and willam is too amazing for words, love that skinny bitch!

  11. I HATE Logo!!! Rupauls drag race? 1 girl 5 gays? Logo should only have 1 show, a little concept I call “dancing naked muscle guys”.

  12. i’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the show. Your opinion is quite valid but there are some facts you have wrong. I’m not anorexic. I used to be 200lbs and i found that working out has helped me and my body is not a blue ribbon prize that i get to show off. Your lovely state of Wisconsin with all that cheese tried to sneak me and bloat me up but it didn’t work. #sorryboutit.


  13. I’m not buying the “got sent home for fucking the bf” excuse. That doesn’t explain why he was doubled over puking. I’m guessing he was doing hormone injections or possibly illegal drugs. I think they even commented earlier that day about his behavior that he was really out of sorts.

  14. She was puking cuz she knew she was going home so she ate alot during break, n since she had a corset on her stomach couldn’t help but let it all out. They just show us that to create a bigger speculation n reaction. Which of course it did.

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