Part Two: Benjamin Godfre’s Interview for MH Daily

Yesterday morning’s video interview with Benjamin Godfre created a divide between the true Benjaminions and a few Manhunt Daily readers who weren’t too impressed by his overall demeanor. Nevertheless, he’s still poised to dominate tonight’s edition of The Ten, and he’s offering up an interesting incentive for those who vote for him…

Essentially, he’ll do anything. Yes, anything. Say what you will about this man, but he’s undoubtedly devoted to satisfying dudes who masturbate to his pictures. He’s just doing it on his own terms. We’ll find out soon enough whether this method works to his advantage, but until then… What do you think Benjamin should do if he’s voted to the top for nine weeks in a row? Spread his butt cheeks like Todd Sanfield promised to, or Marko Lebeau actually did? Finger-bang himself? Make out with another man on camera? Leave a comment with your suggestion!

While you’re thinking about it, take a moment to watch the second part of our exclusive interview, in which Godfre addresses the following topics—tattoos, skateboarding, jizz showers, the potential existence of his sex tape, his favorite position and his greatest accomplishment as a male model. Oh, and there’s also a shoutout to Kreayshawn and Wiz Khalifa? Yeah, we’re confused too.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

To watch the second part of our interview, follow the JUMP:

NOTE: Manhunt Daily and Manhunt do not specifically endorse smoking or substance abuse in any way, shape or form. This isn’t a disclaimer so much as a reminder to you, as readers, that we actively encourage you to make responsible decisions in your life as a whole, however you may interpret that.

91 thoughts on “Part Two: Benjamin Godfre’s Interview for MH Daily

  1. If he wins he should ride a dildo of his own dick.  His way of apologizing to his fans for submitting them to these awful tapes. 

  2. boy did his general attractiveness go down with these interviews. Does he care that little for his audience that he can not stop smoking for a few minutes. Also, I guess it is just too much to expect a model to be a little masculine.

  3. i endorse this idea completely — if he wins, mold his own junk (preferably on camera) then fuck himself with it (or let another guy fuck him with it)

  4. To be honest I thought he was so hot in the pictures etc, but then I watched the two video’s made for a real turn off. Like an updated version of SINGIN IN THE RAIN when silent screen actors couldn’t convert to talkies. This proves it 100% STFU want to see you really hate to hear you.

  5. Ehh he’s being himself and not apologizing for it. Nothing wrong with that. Wasn’t like it was a formal suit and tie interview anyway I’m still a fan..

  6. I thought the same thing.  I mean I can see the smoking being annoying, but he was just doing the interview out of his free time specifically for us.  He can do whatever the hell he wants in his own home.

  7. I still think he’s hot.
    It’s just a matter of personal opinion though…

    and I also think he should be fucked by his own cock 😛

  8. Let’s keep it simple…I, for one, would love to see a pic of him with a unobscured hard dick. Preferably one with his cute face in the same shot.

  9. Well I can think of about a dozen things I’d like for him to do but realistically it seems that either showing us his hole, or doing a little dancing strip-tease to full erection or quite simply jacking off for us would work. It seems from the chatter above however that he may be losing some votes this week so let’s hope enough of us didn’t have our buzz killed by Part 1 (or 2) that we can make it happen.

  10. Oh my, this is disgusting. He sounded like someone hooked with drugs. Yes, he is hot on those pics but please not in a video.

  11. I was with you on that for a while, the interview turned me off quite a bit, then I found his jerk-off vids online! I was skeptical at first becuase he wears a gas mask in the vid for some reason, but after hearing his voice on the interview and watching the vid (about 25 times, lol) and looking closely at the tattoos and birthmarks, its definitely him. And its pretty hot. Download it if you havent already, in case it gets pulled. He just won my vote back. 

    But unfortunately for us and especially all the guys speculating thats he’s a huge queen bc he wont pin down his sexuality, it appears he is masturbating to some kind of asian lesbian porn in the video, at least thats what it sounded like 🙁 

  12. OK all of you haters you are just not getting Benjamin Godfre’s humor.  Benjamin is a fun and esy going guy.  Listen to the questions and then listen to his answers.  Jeesh wake up people!

    Benjamin Godfre RAWKS!  if you don’t get it you are missing out on the best part of him!

  13. c’mon give bj a break. you wouldn’t be logged on as a member f you didn’t know what to expect from him. it was t like he was being interviewed by Oprah, Don Lemon, or being featured in 60/60. this s his own site interviewed the way his production agreed to. he owns it. don’t get me wrong I don’t smoke and rather not, but this is about him.

  14. This man is totally awesome!!! I would love to have him get his own ass sorted out, either by way of a finger, [his or another’s – I volunteer!], or by way of a dildo of his own junk, or by way of a hot cock up his hot ass…I volunteer…

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